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Project Name: Hicks Honors College Ingenuity Center

Project by Faculty Innovation Fellows Candidate Jeff Chamberlain

Why is this project important to you, your department, & your Fellows?

To develop the Honors program around innovation, we need a space that will be a home for honors students, a connector to the whole university, and that fosters creativity and ingenuity.


Our desire is for a brick-and-mortar Honors living and learning center with housing, classrooms, collaboration space, maker space, and faculty offices that is net zero on energy and (preferably) a living building. Failing a new building, however, we will work to repurpose other space on campus and incorporate virtual spaces as well (a central area that has a maker space but also a tech hub for collaboration and innovation).

Stakeholders served

  1. Honors students, students across campus who are interested in innovation
  2. UI Fellows, Millennium Fellows
  3. Faculty from every college (but champions particularly in Engineering, Building Management, Environmental Science, Public Health, Biology)
  4. Honors alumni
  5. Dean’s Council
  6. Local advocates of sustainability

Key Milestones

  • December 2020: Key stakeholders consulted--dean’s council, faculty champions, students, alumni, architect
  • March 2021: Cohort of UN Millennium Fellows to focus on sustainability on campus
  • June 2021: Key partners and champions (dean’s council, faculty champions, students, alumni) united and allied; renderings created, and begin to be used for fundraising
  • September 2021: Major donor lined up; architect firm contracted; alternately new campus space (and technology for virtual connections) identified
  • December 2021: New/revised building plan developed; alternately new campus space undergoing renovation and technology purchased
  • March 2022: Construction date set; alternately, new space opens and technology activated

An Innovation Portfolio

  • Honors curricular materials
  • Progress reports and/or newsletters
  • Design materials
  • Promotional materials
  • Tweets, instagram (or other social media) posts of progress

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