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Project Pitch

STRATEGY #1 Industrial visit to the small-scale industry

Industrial visit plays a prominent role for any student undergoing professional education we to have a research and development cell which organises industrial visits for the students ,some changes has to be made in this .

Before going to an IV students must made a profile consisting of location,logo,products,profile of CEO,turnover etc.,about the industry they are going to visit.

Students have to understand the mission and the vision of the industry.

They have to visit each and every sector of the industry and should have interactive sessions with the industry people.

Suggestions should be given to faculty and students by the resource people in the industry.

Students have to invite resource people to visit ther college to promote student industry collaboration internship.

After IV students have to prepare a feed back about industry and the resource persons over there

How does this execute?..

It helps students to gain first hand information regarding functioning of industry.This also serves as a relation building process between institutes and industry.This helps to enhance the interpersnal skills and communication skill of the students and also helps to understand the do's and dont's of the industrial practice.

STRATEGY #2 Collabration Of Multi-Disciplinary Students.

Peoples with different backgrounds bring different perspectives to a collaboration, and their diverse inputs help a team to see things in new ways and sometimes come up with innovation concepts.

Organizing a science fest in our campus that to collaborate all departments.

When two or more peoples work together through idea sharing and thinking to accomplish a common is simply teamwork taken to higher level task with in changes and advancements in technology.

They can start their projects like IOT,Where IOT is depends on CSE, EEE, and ECE.if collaboration of these departments, they can share their vision and intentions to get everyone on same way.they change their Mindset,they can bring the multiple ways to problem solving.

How does it Reacted?

That which bring all the students in single path,to work for their vision .Students can handle the problems in multiple ways.They can come out of the box,and acquire knowledge of other departments.They can know how to work with team.

STRATEGY#3 Interacting with resource person:

Frequently there should be interactive sessions with experts ,industry people and also the eminent professors from academic institutions

Interaction breaks down the barriers between young people and the industry

Before attending the session the students must know some basic information about the resource person.

They have to prepare thoughtful questions to ask the resource person.

Faculty must direct the students about how effectively they have to communicate with the resource person.

Resource person should provide technical assistance in implementing activities like mock trial s and moot courts
Finally students must prepare a report on the resource person as well as about the session.
How does this execute?

Interaction of students with resource person have a positive effect on student learning and student attitude and helps them further to grow in their life.

Students can came to know about the resource person life experiences which will be helpful for them to get succeeded in their life.

STRATEGY#4 Prototyping and designThinking:

The process relies on empathy brainstorming and redesigning solutions looping back repeatedly to try to see designs from the view point of users.

Thinking about how to creatively design indoor and outdoor spaces with an emphasis on solving problems in ways that benefit or increase interaction

The business and product industries embrace design thinking because it provides a way to focus on user experiences.

The design thinking in class rooms we focus on key components such as empathy the free  flow of ideas building ,prototype and gathering feedback, which results in creative solutions and ideas that might have never come to light.

How to execute?

In our classroom, we started a design thinking workshop where students started with lists of problems that they wanted to solve.

As students worked on designing apps to solve some of these problems they interviewed each other, sketched designs  on index cards and “tested” the usability and effect of their ideas.

Students worked by hand without technology in order to focus on being creative.

STRATEGY #5   Practical Sessions:

Knowledge refers to learning concepts, principles and information regarding a particular subject by a person through books, media, encyclopaedias and academic institutions.

Practical knowledge  helps us to acquire the specific techniques that become the tools of your trade. It sits much closer to our actual day-to-day work. There are some things we can only learn through doing and experiencing.

Practical knowledge can often lead to a deeper understanding of a concept through the act of doing and personal experience.

At the same time learning how to solve a specific problem only teaches us how to solve that same problem again. Practice can only take us so far. Theory helps us to apply what we learned solving one problem to different problems.

Practical learning should be included along with curriculum in our campus.

How does this execute?

Practical knowledge is very important to understand how things  actually work.

 Students discuss different learning styles and learn how to use their own style to best advantage by practical knowledge. </div>

Key issues of I&E ecosystem

Project-1.Live contact to the industry-The various students  show various interest so identifying them contacting to the major works around,the campus creates an interface to the student with the industry such tat he/she can be able to see what actually works rather than studying them through the books.

Project-2. collabration of multi disciplinary students- The tactic that can be used to solve this issue is, getting students together from all departments to a room and make them interacting with each other sharing their ideas and brain stroming their ideas will give an effective solution to their problems as many times as possible and required.

Project-3. Interacting with the resource person - Make students interacting with the resource person having the question and answer session during every talk the person.

Project-4. prototyping and designThinking-   As a competition that every student of the institute attends a prototype and project is prepared and exhibited to the real world at the end semester exams or any assignment submission part. 

Project-5.Practical Sessions -  The tatic that can be used to solve this problem is ,making the students to learn the things by doing work on hands experiencing the work they learn.

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