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IMG 20170816 194637.jpgGudi  Lohithasya is a University Innovation Fellow  from Siddharth Institution of  Engineering  & Technology , puttur  back ground of computer science. Lohithasya  originally  from Tirupati  (temple city of india ).

He started his schooling in siddharth institution since 2015, he is very interested in entrepreneurship and building networks. From childhood self he plan for business started and success  in it .right now he is in network marketing he has a good team, he himself  follows two things. Entrepreneur’s  are worlds smartest persons & the more u sell the u can buy.so he is to a fellow in UIF  to peer  to his school to develop entrepreneurs  from up coming batches.

He was hosted many events which are conducted in and out of the campus. he is to like travelling and meeting new people’s.

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