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Strategic Priority One:

Shaw University Research Center

Shaw University is a growing institution with a great life science institute. Unfortuanetly, we currently do not have a research center available to faculty and staff on campus. We are proposing the idea that regardless of academic studies, students have to complete research. An actual facility on campus would be beneficial in helping students gain research experience on campus. We have the idea of opening the research facility with the goal of researching mental health issues in the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Color) community. While interviewing students on campus, we found that mental health issues were very prominent within students and there are not many beneficial resources for students on campus. The research that will be conducted at the research center will be aimed at finding ways to help students cope with their mental health issues. The research that students conduct will bring publicity and funding to the university. Ultimately, the research center will be beneficial to students and the university in general.

Strategic Priority Two:

Experiential Course

This design thinking course will be offered one semester out of the academic school year at Shaw University. Students can receive a certification in design thinking once completing the course. Students that are certified in design thinking will be a better candidate for future employers. This course will be a school wide introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship to students and staff. In this course, students will also learn the importance of inclusivity through innovation. It is common that with various design and innovative projects, minorities, disabled and LGBTQIA+ people are often not taken into consideration.

Strategic Priority Three:

Mental Wellness Week

For this trial wellness week, we will provide free mental health screenings by guidance counselors on campus. If the trial mental wellness week exceeds our expectations we will offer mental health screenings weekly. These screenings will not be limited to students, it would also be available to faculty and staff. We would also invite skilled professionals from various areas to give mini sessions varying from Tai Chi and Yoga to kickboxing and martial arts. We would also have pottery classes or flower arranging sessions, anything that relaxes the mind. To make sure that all students have the opportunity to attend these events, wellness events and activities are hosted outside of class time. In the past, we have had wellness days that took place during class time which prohibited students from attending which defeated the purpose of the wellness day.