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Project Name: Power of Purpose Pedagogy (PPP) Course

Project by Faculty Innovation Fellows Candidate Vonda Reed

Why is this project important to you, your department, & your Fellows?

One of my duties as the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning is to provide faculty with the tools to enhance their pedagogy to maximize student success Providing them with a class that emphasizes design thinking and and lean startup will assist our faculty with providing all of our students, not only our fellows with helping our students gain skills through projects to tackle real-world problems related to their future profession.


PPP is a course in which the student is the focus as the designer in learning. Students will identify problems of practice from real-world challenges related to their areas of study and career aspirations to radically collaborate to identify various solutions while producing and testing prototypes. At the end of the course, students will produce a tangible product that can be the solution for specific end users.

Stakeholders served

Faculty and students from various disciplines

Key Milestones

  • December 2022: Continue collaborating with stakeholders about the needs for the class and share possible curriculum; begin working on curriculum proposal; selecting faculty to teach to course;looking for grant money to pay faculty and purchase materials for the course
  • March 2023: Proposal of class submitted to the Curriculum Committee
  • June 2023: Purchase materials for the course
  • September 2023: Launching of course in August
  • December 2023:Stakeholders evaluation of course
  • March 2024: Redesign curriculum if necessary; prepare implementation for the second semester of the course

An Innovation Portfolio

Course assignments, worksheets, satisfaction surveys from faculty and students