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Strategic priority #1: Stadium-like classrooms:

 Details: this strategy will handle an issue that is agreed upon by students and doctors alike, since it affects the quality of education mainly for small rooms with a huge amount of students. We agreed upon presenting a pre-fabricated stage made of wood that will be custom made to fit the classroom and enhance learning and tthus minimize the issue of the boards not being clear from a distance.


  • Survey to understand the dimensions of this problem-for enhancements-
  • Emphasize the idea with few classrooms.
  • Conduct feedback.
  • Present it to the board.
  • Ask specialists of the capability of it.

Future plan:

  • Increasing the number of sections in order to reduce students per class.
  • Stage-like classes would be offered to reduce blocked vision and lack of concentration.



Strategic priority #2: TED-like meetings

Details: we would like to present TED like meetups to our university, as students participating and sharing their stories and findings in their studies might help others. Giving guidance and spreading stories would release pressure from our heavy schedules as students. Weekly to monthly meetups would be very attractive to students for providing support.



  • Start small with a group of people, an empty room
  • Doctor’s support and story telling
  • Social media coverage


Long term plan:

  • Invite famous influencers on a monthly basis to spread the importance of these meetups.
  • Share inspirational stories.
  • Widen the university’s reputation in an effective way.



Strategic priority #3: Optional classes and workshops

Details: Each college in the university would teach its students all related courses.  Students who are interested in innovation will be divided into groups for better brainstorming. This idea was picked after asking students about their interests in learning new things that are not offered in their curriculums. We suggested giving a chance to our students to acquire skills in what they believe is helpful to their lives.


Example: A student in the college of business who is really interested in learning programming, but programming is not offered in his curriculum, so our idea is to have a class for the semester to teach programming for non-related majors.



  • Conduct ideas on the courses for each semester
  • For an early stage; include the students in the original courses offered by colleges to start small
  • Spread the concept other widely requested courses.


Future plan:

  • Allow students to have knowledge in more than just one field
  • A known university for its creative support to students


Strategic priority #4: Involving the innovation center with student activities


Details: our university is now supporting bright ideas from its students through the innovation center, where it gives the chance to fully support and fund the students’ projects to make them real and functioning. Our idea is to let the students interact with the professional world more. Provide trips to factories, galleries and to silicon oasis, Dubai. This will widen the students’ knowledge and opens them up to what is awaiting for them behind the gates of the university, as well as helping the students link their studies to what happens in the real world.



  • Start with factories located in Ajman first
  • Find inventors for next trips
  • Allow the chance for innovative students and spread the importance of it university wise.

Our Vision:


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Ajman University Student Priorities

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