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Aditya Engineering College,the premier promoter of quality education in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh for the past two decades, leads various institutions ranging from K.G to P.G besides professional colleges like Engineering, Pharmacy and Nursing. Sri Nallamilli Seshareddy as a founder chairman, promoted the educational society in the name and style of Aditya Academy at Kakinada in the year 1984, with a vision and mission to create a platform for holistic growth and success to students at all levels.

Aditya Engineering College was established in the academic year 2001-02 under the aegis of Aditya Academy, Kakinada with the approval of AICTE and Affiliated to JNTU with an intake of 180 in three UG Courses in Engineering & Technology.

Fall 2022

PRIORITY 1: Organising More Number of Entrepreneurial Workshops


With passing days the number of interested students aiming to have their own Start up has Increased. They need proper mentorship in order to proceed with the sets of activities in a sequential order. The current Government is providing good incentives and tax benefits to modern start ups .Indian Government Also launched start Up India on 16th January to encourage new start ups.

Strategic Solution: The entity to mentor the process should be created

Entrepreneurial workshops or seminars will help student to clear the basic doubts about time management skills , network skills , proper communicational skills. Students will also learn to reach for external sources of Investments . Mentors will also guide them through the technical knowledge which is also very much needed for an entrepreneur.

PRIORITY 2: A platform to discuss the importance of Design Thinking


Design Thinking is an approach where students actually learn how to come up with strategies to improve products with the existing technologies. Bringing about a change is a multistep procedure which cannot be done in a single day. Design thinking methodologies help students to think about and work on different ideologies in the most efficient way.

Strategic Solution: More Seminars or Webinars to embed the knowledge of Design Thinking

Seminars and webinars which mainly  consists of lectures and speeches by  industry experts gives practical knowledge to the students which is generally missed in classrooms and books

PRIORITY 3: A platform to discuss more about interview


Many students get more nervous during the time of interviews. They cannot handle the pressure and give out irrelevant answers even to the questions whose answer are known to them.

Strategic Solution: Improvement in speaking and stress management skills.

Students should be trained in communication skills and and also some other important aspects of interiew like stress management and pressure handling capabilities . Mock interviews should be organised for students so that their levels of improvement can be evaluated.

PRIORITY 4: student activity club a platform to discuss


Many students are interested in extracircullar activities and wanted to know their interest and wanted to learn new things but they don't know where they have to approach

Strategic solution: participating in activities and events to improve their skills

Students should be participate ingames and participate in which activity they are interested in. Participate in events according to their interests and prove skills by participate in extracircullar activities

Fall 2019

Innovation leaps out at you from a thousand strategy documents, each stressing how vital innovation is to our stakeholders. If we don’t change what we offer them, how can we create and deliver then to a student to his highest potential.“Innovation in education means doing what’s best for all students. Teachers, lessons, and curriculum have to be flexible. We have to get our students to think and ask questions. We need to pique their curiosity and find ways to keep them interested. Innovation means change, so we have to learn that our students need more than the skills needed to pass the assessments given. We have to give them tools that will make them productive in their future careers.” 

PRIORITY 1: Student Engagement in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Cause:The gravity of the situation is not reaching the students, and the students are unable to express themselves. Some changes are to be done to change the mindset of a student and drive him towards innovation. The transition to be brought must change the stereotypical grounds on which most of the students are stuck on. 

Strategic Solution:The change must start from the LEARNING PROCESS.

The faculty must not deliver a lecture for the whole time, but they must let the students know what they are learning and why. The Questioning style of the teachers must also change, the questions must be in a way that the students will think for themselves and not merely memorize the concepts. Most importantly, future orientation must be concentrated in the classrooms, this would definitely imbibe the plant of curiosity in the students.

The printed textbooks are not being eye-candy for the students, so, imparting Augmented Reality into booksthat would help the students to enjoy what they are learning would help to inculcate the culture of textbook learning.

The implementation of this change in the Learning process might not yield much in the beginning when the students are not accustomed to this kind of a productive process, as they have been following a stereotypical form of study the whole time in their lives. Once they are on the track of learning from textbooks and thinking out of the box, at least 40% of students would change how they think, which would help them generate new ideasand also think about an idea in an unconventional way.

PRIORITY 2: A Design Thinking Lab

Cause: Once students start getting new ideas(i.e., they start thinking in the way they must) they have to be taught how to think. It is because one is not done until one puts his idea on the right path to make it happen. This would take effort and also standardized methods.

Strategic Solution: To lead a Design Thinking Lab on a cycle base.

Helping them with this, a DESIGN THINKING LAB is to be installed in the school. Everyone who needs training on how to implement an idea in reality and also everyone interested in knowing design thinking are the lab’s favorable audience. The Design Thinking Lab would be a six-week course, and the interested students can opt for it. 

In this lab, students would be learning how to think to implement their ideas, as generating ideas isn’t our only prime motto. The main elements of design thinking, such as empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test, are emphasized in the lab. 

After learning these fundamental concepts of design thinking, the student would be ready with a plan and vision on how to implement their ideas. He can also use the same for his personal academic development too.

PRIORITY 3: Changemaker’s Club

Cause:At this stage, when the students are trained well on implementing an idea and ready to put it into life, they’ll need a platform where they can express their ideas in front of groups of people. They must be able to present or propose the idea in front of a large group. One also needs support and funding for his idea to take a breath.

Strategic Solution: A CHANGEMAKERS CLUB of innovative students

This Changemakers club would be a place where they can present their ideas and get to know the pros and cons of their approachand can have a look into it again. Here, students get a chance to speak with numerous peoplewhich would also help them to understand how different people think and alsoto appreciate criticism.

This way, they can have a full-fledged vision on how to implement their idea, also being done with a prototype and testing of the prototype.

Taking the idea to the higher authorities would be the next hinder a student would face.


Cause: To mitigate this problem, where the students have a perfect vision but face problem in implementing it and would need the support of higher authorities. This would be the most important phase of any prototype, as the students would not have any powers but the authorities have all the powers, a proper connection is necessary.

Strategic Solution:STUDENT LEADERS from various disciplines.

STUDENT LEADERS from various disciplines are to be selected who would help the students in taking their ideas to the higher authorities,bridging the gap between higher authorities and students. The ideas presented in the club are taken to the concerned authorities through student leaders, elected by the students. As the student leaders will be elected by the students themselves, there would no question of partiality from the leaders.

This way, the initiation for the implentation of the prototype would begin with the support of the higher authorities.

In a nutshell, the whole strategy is to bring out innovation in students and help them to become entrepreneurs.

Fall 2017

Strategy 1: Improving the communication skills of the students.

  The students of ADITYA are not very strong at communicating their thoughts. This is one of the areas they need  to develop so as to ensure their overall development. To this end we thought of a few activities :
1)Seminars on Communications skills
2)Guest Lectures on Communication skills
3)College Radio
4)Campus community page
5)Language Course Certifications
6)Language Training Programs

  Through these activities, the students who are weak at communicating can work towards developing their communication skills. If a student takes part in these activities earnestly, he/she can express their ideas clearly.For this, we will require Soft Skills Experts, Technical resources and Physical and Virtual spaces for interaction. These activities will be available for all the students ,but the main focus will be on the students in the first year of engineering. If students are good at communicating at an early stage, they can work towards other aspects of their career.

Strategy 2: Helping different students collaborate and generate new ideas.

The students do not have the facility to work together with students from other disciplines and create a unique project. This inhibits the ability of the students to think differently. If they are not able to work with different kinds of people, they will not know how others think. If they do not know such things, they will not be able to work in alien conditions. Working in any kind of condition is a skill everyone needs . To make this happen, we have thought of a few ways:

1)Student Coordination Team
2) Boot Camps
3) C.P.L.(Campus Premier League)

  The main target for these strategies will be the students studying the second and third years of engineering. The Student Coordination Team will manage everything related to students collaborating with other students. They will be the ones to organize Boot camps and the CPL. Boot Camps will teach the students on the ways to generate ideas that are feasible. C.P.L. is an event that helps students get exposure to real world industry problems. Experts from the industry reach out to the students and explain to them, the problems the industry faces. Students are then encouraged to find out solutions to those problems. A committee is set up that evaluates those ideas, selects a few of the best ideas among them and lets them proceed to the prototyping stage.

Strategy 3 : Practical Implementation of Theoretical Knowledge.

  Students of Aditya Engineering College have good theoretical knowledge. But, they are not able to apply that knowledge to real life. This poses a big threat to their career. So, we have thought of a few things to help them:

1) Seminars
2)Guest Lectures
3)Training Programs
4)Makers Space
    These will be mainly available for the students studying in 3rd and 4th years of engineering. The seminars ,guest lectures and training programs will help the students make concrete prototypes of their ideas. The makers space will provide a separate space for the students to prototype their ideas. Only ideas approved by the committee in the Student Coordination Team can decide who can use this makers space.


Strategy 4: Spreading awareness on Innovation And Entrepreneurship.

   Students of our college are not that aware of the concepts of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Although there are many students who are enthusiastic about Entrepreneurship, they do not know how to go about it. To help students know about entrepreneurship, we have come up with a few ideas:

1)Beginnen Event
2)Boot Camps
3)Entrepreneurship Club

    The main focus of these are the students of the third and fourth years of engineering. Beginnen Event is one that is held every few months. This event consists of students presenting prototypes that they have developed in Makers Space. These prototypes are presented to investors who will select ideas they like and fund them. This way, the students can set up a startup of their own. The Boot Camp trains the students on how they can set up ir own startups and become entrepreneurs.The Entrepreneurship Club will comprise of alumni or students who have set up their startups.They can act as mentors to students who are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship.  Moreover, this club will have tie-ups with CEOs of at least 4 startups. These people will train students on how they can present their ideas in a convincing way to their investors.

Gaming and animation :

This is the problem what we found in our college. Several people have different set of ideas like the creative areas of drawing the pictures and nice thought with them. But they don’t know how to implement them in the real life.

Gaming and Animation club.

For this we made the people into groups to express their thoughts and to share programming skills among themselves and they made their thoughts coming into implementation in designing games. Along with that we give some coders to design games and to run that which makes the people to get jobs and to start entrepreneurship in the college.



The major problem here in our college is more than half people are girl students only. They are not actually getting a chance to expose themselves in the college. They are also not participating in any events that’s the feedback what we got after a survey.

Women Empowerment Club.

Here we make the all-girl students to  assemble in one place and tell them to share their ideas. We make maximum women to participate in maximum events which will be conducted in our college. This makes the people to empower and to start their own start-ups. We will keep some seminars and webinars through the special guests.


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