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                Durgadinesh is University Innovation Fellow from Stanford University, He is pursuing his undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Aditya engineering college, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is an excellent motivational and public speaker. He is passionate to become a good leader of the Nation.
                 He is an excellent Innovative thinker and his main focus towards service to the society. To achieve his goal, he started to work with National Service Scheme in his college and acted as a leader for last three years, and under his leadership, He organised many events in and around the college.
Dinesh is actively participating in sports and cultural activity's, and he is a university kho-kho player. From a very young age, he is mostly interested in the games and extracurricular activities, His main motto of life is the Education we learned must be useful for society. He shows a lot of interest towards the agriculture. 
                 Dinesh is working to bringing change in Education system in college, and he is working for empowering students to become the change agents of the higher education system. From the last couple of years, he is running a club in the college called "Aditya Innovations Minds club" the main motto of this club is providing a platform for students to establish startup's from the college level and promoting Entrepreneurship ecosystem in the college.  

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