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Polisetti Venkatarao
School (Cohort)
Aditya Engineering College (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Bachelor of Technology


Venkat Polisetti is a University Innovation Fellow and a B.Tech student pursuing his degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning(AIML) at Aditya Engineering College, India. Let this wiki take you on a journey through his world of technology and learning:

He is passionate about Developing apps and websites and love delving into topics like App development, web development. His goal is to not just excel academically, but to truly understand the practical applications of what he's learning.

From programming languages like Python, C++,dart, Java, C to tackling complex problems in DP, DSA, Greedy, he's always excited to explore the ever-evolving world of technology. He believes that every line of code he write is a step towards innovation.

While studies keep him busy, he also find time to keep him involved in extra circular activities. Whether it's reading books, playing games, or Listening songs, these activities keep him balanced and energized.

He believes in the power of continuous learning. He's constantly seeking new ways to expand his skills, from online courses to attending Tech Conferences/Workshops. The more he learn, the more he realizes how much there is to explore.


He is currently a diligent and ambitious student who has achieved the esteemed RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) certification. This accomplishment showcases his dedication to both his academic pursuits and his commitment to mastering essential skills in Linux system administration. This achievement reflects his proactive approach to gaining real-world expertise while still pursuing his education, and he's excited to continue bridging the gap between academic excellence and practical skills in the world of technology.

He's proud to hold the prestigious title of a certified Python specialist, a recognition he earned through Pearson VUE. This achievement signifies his comprehensive understanding and expertise in Python programming. Having successfully completed the certification process, he have demonstrated his commitment to mastering Python's intricacies and best practices. This accomplishment reinforces his dedication to staying at the forefront of Python development, and he's excited to apply his specialized knowledge to various projects and challenges.

He's pleased to share that he has effectively completed an extensive Python course offered by the reputable Cisco Networking Academy. Throughout this course, he has acquired a solid foundation in Python programming and gained hands-on experience in coding, problem-solving, and application development.

He's pleased to share that he has successfully completed an in-depth cybersecurity course provided by the esteemed Cisco Networking Academy. Through this course, he has gained a thorough understanding of cybersecurity principles, practices, and technologies.

Social media profiles

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/venkat-polisetti Instagram: @mr.captain_king Email: venkatpolisetti@outlook.com

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