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My name is Ian Reede; I am in my third year at Kent State University, studying business with a focus in entrepreneurship. I aspire to build an infrastructure around the needs of students struggling to find their way in the current education climate. I look to accomplish this change with the knowledge I am gaining through work with Hacksu, Kent Hack Enough,BlackStone Launchpad,John S. Brinzo Entrepreneurship Laboratory, as well as my work as a cook in the culinary field. The goal is to build an understanding of how people of many different backgrounds, work, create, and play together. Currently, My goal is to build a business using solely resources and students, available on the Kent campus. The purpose is not only to build a viable product in the Kent state entrepreneurship ecosystem that would benefit the student population, but also to develop a better understanding of how far we have yet to go. 

While I Still have much room to grow, the journey and progress is my favorite part. When I am not busy thinking of ideas to improve the world around me, I enjoy traveling to the coastal regions of the United States, as well as other countries abroad. At home I am an avid experimenter in the kitchen, not but for a few times using a recipe.

Find me on Linkedin, Twitter or email me at Ireede@kent.edu

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