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Yogichandar is an undergraduate student of Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha engineering college and working in the stream of electronics and


communication engineering in order to become an eminent engineer to serve the people of the nation through his knowledge and skills. He has ability to mingle with others and has good leadership qualities to lead a task. He actively participates in all the programs and is confident enough , hardworking in nature to do any task assigned to him.

He is most passionate enough in designing the devices and he is working on it in order to design a device which performs the same operation of device but in an efficient manner. Over the next few years he is hoping to engage in a valuable research that will hopefully be a useful contribution to the development of communication and technology yogichandar is also a volunteer in National Service Scheme(NSS) and has experienced in guiding his team in many technical activities, workshops . After graduation, he plans on connecting his new knowledge in the fields of technology.

  As being part of the program he is interested in exploring new skills and interacting with new people and enthusiastic to increase his life skills and communication skills though the program and is interested educating other fellows though the program after becoming a fellow for which he is most passionate about doing and waiting for an opportunity to join in the family of” university innovation fellows”.

If you have any queries contact :boppanachandu1@gmail.com or https://in.linkedin.com/in/yogichandar-boppana-91822b14

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