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Vinay Kumar Sasumana is a university innovation fellow. He is pursuing the graduation course in the stream of Computer Science and Engineering at Sagi Rama Krishnam Raju Engineering College (SRKR Engineering College) at Bhimavaram.

He was born in a village named Garudakhindi in Palasa Mandal of Srikakulam district in Andhra Pradesh, India. He has remarkable authoritative abilities. He can effectively outdo various assignments with positive outcomes. He not just headed the task, but he also guaranteed its prosperity by showing the college faculty and administration capacities that his classmates both appreciated and regarded. He is a good intellectual and goal-oriented person.  He has good knowledge of the underlying concepts and demonstrates the originality of ideas and thoughts. He is good at Data Sciences, Quantum computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Internet Of Things, Bitcoin and BlockChain Technology. He is particularly interested in the practical application of his subjects and his perseverance and hard work have enabled him to achieve his goals. He brings together an engineer's analytical approach and a keen grasp of basic facts, mathematical knowledge which he applies efficiently to problem-solving in the area of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

He wrote a Survey Paper entitled Machine Learning: Concepts, Algorithms, and Applications. He completed many projects in the field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning which includes  Face Recognition using Machine Learning, Speech Recognition using Machine Learning, Skin Cancer Detection using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Developed a Digital Assistant ,Image Recognition and Localization using Neural Networks, Sentiment Analysis using Twitter data using Text Mining in Machine Learning, Stock Prediction using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms, Style Transfer ,Development of a Chatbot ,Text Extraction from Number Plate of a moving vehicle, Automatic Traffic Rule Violation Detection System using IOT sensors, Producing GIF’s. He is very enthusiastic about learning new technologies and implementing those technologies in real-time applications. His hobbies are playing chess, reading novels and biographies, plantation.

He is planning to pursue his higher studies in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Vinay Kumar can be contacted at sasumanavinaykumar@gmail.com.

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