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Sagi Rama Krishnam Raju Engineering College(SRKREC) is a Co-educational, Autonomous and a self-financed Engineering college. It is one of the Oldest Seminaries formed in 1980's by S.R.K.R.Engineering College Association to provide a better quality technical education to students.

                                        Fall 2019 Strategic Priorities

Strategy #1: Formation of SRKR Innovation Society:

Innovation club of SRKR is a platform for Innovation for students from all the majors which every student can access.


Why we took the Innovation club as an option?

For economic growth: This is the most often cited reason for needing innovation. Innovation is the route to economic growth. Industries are maturing. Products are maturing. Innovation is the creation and transformation of new knowledge into new products, processes, or services that meet market needs. As such, innovation creates new businesses and is the fundamental source of growth in business and industry. 

For the progression of human well-being:This may be the least cited reason for needing innovation but perhaps the most important result of 0achieving innovation. As such and at the same time, new businesses create new jobs. For reasons obvious, new jobs create personal income and thereby provide the where-with-all for achieving the personal well-being of humans. Innovative new products are essential to the progress of any society. Imagine if we had not progressed beyond stone-age tools and implements: we might go home tonight and do a load of laundry by banging our socks with a big stone in the neighborhood stream.

Working :

Based on the curiosity of students to learn and explore new things, applications are welcomed on a certain limit basis - weekly gatherings for the participants of the club on learning to Innovate.

Strategy # 2: Formation of Online Repository learning :

An online repository that will be accessible to every student of the University to log in and learn the currently trending courses of different domains of endeavors. 

Why we took the Online Repository as an option?

As per the interviews we have conducted with the freshers this year, we University Innovation Fellows have come up with an idea of the inception of an online repository. 

Working :

Every student who wants to get access to this online repository is given individual login IDs so that they can access straight away at any time, and this repository runs under the monitoring of an admin. The lucrative feature of this repository is every student can upload video lectures on any high demand courses along with the admin-team. The admin-team is a must so that they can prevent any kind of fraudulent uploads. 

Strategy # 3: Establishment of a MENTOR - MENTEE Club :

Mentor-Mentee club of SRKR is a platform for all major students who thrive to acquire knowledge from their mentor and build an innovative world.

Why we took the Mentor-Mentee club as an option?

For personal and professional growth:  Although most of them will be independent, the fact is, only a few with the greatest determination and stability over their conscious mind, having willpower over their knowledge achieve it. Being guided by a mentor who's an expert can really change the way we are. It was just like en routing us into an enlightening road. Though in this racing innovative world all were striving hard to achieve, most of them have no idea where to start from. So a mentor is recommended to go along the limelight.

        It is going to be great progress for human well-being. For a teacher to teach a lesson was the hardest part than for a student to grasp it. A mentor needs to be an expert in order to coordinate his mentee. This culture can enhance the skills of a mentee at a rapid speed and at ease, he can achieve his dreams. A person alone can gain knowledge but having a mentor will make it three times faster than what we do. In this innovative world, technology is much updated in less time where it is hard for an individual to get a grip on it in a short period of time. So having a mentor can make easy and quick to gain knowledge of it to reach our goals.


Based on the present scenario we would like to introduce mentors for each individual technology field who are highly skilled and qualified and lead people of that field. They need to monitor them every day by assigning them with some work related to that particular innovative field and help them in doing some mini-projects. After the mentees are ready to do miracles in their respective areas they were involved in the industrial area for the real-time experience in order to achieve their goals. 

Strategy #4: Anti Ragging Squad: 

Ragging in any form inside or outside the college is banned, and in order to have a peaceful atmosphere in and around the College, Canteen, Library, and Hostels, an Anti-Ragging Squad with the faculty and staff members are constituted.

Why we took Anti Ragging Squad as an option?


Ragging is same everywhere, at some stage we all become the victim of ragging, There are several unidentified complaints of physical, mental & psychological injuries due to ragging in colleges and educational institutions and mostly the results are many students give up their studies and go back home; some lose their mental balance, some even commit suicide. To prevent all these troubles, an anti-ragging squad is necessary.


Working :

This Squad will make surprise raids on canteens, hostel messes, hostel rooms, and playgrounds, etc. The squad shall work under the overall guidance of the Anti- Ragging Committee. The squad comprises of faculty members and student representative (seniors). The squad will function based on a pre-planned shift system.

Depending upon the nature and gravity of the offense as established the possible punishments for those found guilty of ragging at the institution level shall be any one or any combination of the following:Cancellation of Admission, Suspension from attending classes, Withholding / Withdrawing scholarship /fellowship and other benefits, Debarring from appearing in any test/examination or other evaluation process withholding results,  Suspension /expulsion from the hostel, Rustication from the institution for any period ranging from 1 to 4 semesters.

                                                                                                            Fall 2018 Strategic Priorities

Strategy #1: Formation of Communication club :

 Communication club of SRKR is a platform for communication for students from all the majors every student can


 Why we took the communication club as an option over all other solutions?

 Students of our college are generally okay with their verbal skills and great with their innovative ideas but they never had a platform to express them or maybe it never occurred to anyone. This platform helps them to enhance their skills. In this, we will have a meet or two

per week.


 1. In every meeting, each student needs to take up a role.

2. The roles are like the speaker, evaluator for the speech, grammarian, timer, Table topic master and Ah counter.

3. There will be two types of speeches :

         -> Impromptu speech

         -> Prepared speech

4.     Speaker - One who is bound to deliver his/her speech.

        Evaluator - One who evaluates the quality of speech.

Grammarian - One who jots down all the grammatical mistakes

Timer - One who keeps the record of the time duration of the speech.

Table topic master - One who presides over the impromptu speeches.

Ah, counter - One who counts the pauses or breaks generated by Ah's, filler words and double quenches in the speech.

5. The speech can be on anything except religion, caste, sex, and politics.

6. For every speech, there will be a personal evaluator.

7. At the end of the session, there will be feedback for each speaker and faults are projected in a positive way.

8. At the season all the members of the club get to play each and every role mentioned above.

9. We will be inviting renowned speakers to inspire students with their speeches.

10. Above all it's not just a communication club, it's a platform where you can share your innovative ideas, startup plans, and research options.


 Strategy #2: Conducting design thinking classes:


These are the special classes apart from academics conducted for the students. In this, we will be teaching about

design thinking and how to think innovatively. This will stimulate the thinking of the students and help them think 



Why we took design thinking classes as an option over all other solutions?

 In current academics, we do not have any subject related to design thinking. Most of the students don't even know what design

thinking means.It is very important for students to know about thinking. So we planned to take up classes for students.


Working :


1. We will start classes on design thinking for students by UI Fellows

2.Teach what is design thinking and 5 steps of design thinking

3. Give them various real-time situations to stimulate design thinking

4. Give students worksheets and make students do them

5.pick up various innovative ideas for various problems from students

6.Taking that idea to faculty champions and implement it with the help of teachers.


Strategy #3: I-Express


I-EXPRESS is an inner campus online website for students to submit their ideas to faculty. He/she can also know the previous startup's in college.

 Why we took I-EXPRESS as an option over all other solutions? 

Some student fellows may hesitate to express their ideas directly to the faculty, for these peers this website is going to help them to express their ideas indirectly to the management. If he/she idea is impressive the faculty can contact them and can give guidance for further steps.


This is a website for only our campus,this website can be accessed by the students through their college registration id.

  1. This can help students to talk with the faculty indirectly.
  2. It can promote students to start their own startup by giving college funds.
  3. It can help students to know about their college startups, which are running at present.
  4. It can also reduce the communication gap between students and faculty.
  5. It can help students to feel free to express their or ideas.
  6. Students can be mentored by the faculty according to their individual ideas.

Strategy #4: Innovative Lab Extension 


As the name suggests it's an extension to the labs that the students have access to as a part of their curriculum. This extension triggers them to think and urges them to find a solution to the problems that they find in this process.

 Why we chose Innovative lab extension over other solutions?

 The equipment that we have in our labs is as old as our college which dates back to the 1980's. There is a huge gap between the students learning at college and the arena where they get into in the future. So there is a need to bridge these two ends.and that is what innovative lab extension would do. The students' teacher would ask them to acquire knowledge on some aspects of the latest technology's working related to their discipline. They have approached the teacher within a week and the students would have to explain to their teacher what they have learned. In this process, they might be able to find flaws in the existing system. These flaws would trigger the students to find a solution for it. Finally, the students end-up either solving the problems which they have identified in the form of a product/service or come up with a startup idea. This helps them to improve their innovation or pushes them to establish a startup.


Most of the time the students would be left with free time by the end of their lab sessions every week. This is where the Innovative lab extension comes into action.

  1. Firstly the students are asked by their teacher to find out the working of some existing system, product or service which is related to their discipline.
  2. The students would have to find an answer to the teacher's question through internet, visiting a local company or contacting some experts in their fields. Any other appropriate way would also be encouraged.
  3. The time that the students would be give would be given to answer their question is on or before next lab session,i.e, one week.
  4. By this students would acquire a great deal of knowledge and also would come to know what's happening in the field which he is related to.
  5. If the student finds a problem in the existing system,service or product , he would be again asked to find a solution or it.
  6. This might results result in an innovative solution or in some cases a startup


Spring 2018 UIF Strategic Priorities

 Strategy #1: Formation of SSAP (SRKR Students Associated Platform)

SSAP is an online community for SRKR students. He has access to all information regarding his current course and participates in discussions containing professors and students.

Why we took SSAP as an option over all other solutions?

In the current digital world, student learning should also be digital. Conventional methods of learning and interacting with other students have to be changed. In our college, right from marking attendance to writing notes, there is no other alternative. Once a student skips or misses a class he has to run to the lecturer or his friend to learn the lesson or take a Xerox. This has to change. Even interaction with the lecturer is limited to college premises and working hours. Why can’t we make them available to students as long as they are awake? From these questions came the answer SSAP.


This is a website and student is given a login by the college. This prevents other college students from accessing it.

  • PDFs of lecturers will be made available. This serves as a reference only but is not a substitute for running notes.
  • COL lectures will be made available on this website. This is our second strategy.
  • Students are engaging in discussions in WhatsApp groups or other social media. There is a high chance of getting distracted. It is our responsibility to assist them and provide a platform for them to engage in such activities.
  • Assignments are given in SSAP itself and students can complete and receive credits. Credits based attendance is our #4 priority.
  • Direct interaction with faculty and clarify doubts.
  • Articles on current trending problems so that student can utilize his knowledge in coming up with solutions for the same.
  • Daily attendance is shown. This is actually necessary for students having a minimum attendance percentage to attend examinations.
  • Minors(we are planning to start a few) are offered from SSAP itself.
  • Coding contests and quizzes are conducted in SSAP and credits are given to top performers.


We are thinking to have a online platform with the lectures of each and every subject and providing the students with appropriate PDFs of notes that are required for their learning purpose. This marks for a better interpretation of the concept.


We observed that the grasping power of each and every student in the class is not the same, some students like to listen to the lecture of their faculty one more time, some would like to listen to lectures during the time of exams. The way our lectures explain will be more familiar to our students and they know how to mention them the points that are actually important.COL gives the opportunity for the lectures to explain the topics more practically and provides a chance for the students to learn the subject in a purposeful manner. Thereby COL makes a way for students to learn subjects wherever and whenever.   


  • Firstly, we will get the total info regarding the various subjects taught in various branches.
  • Then proper information from other students about a particular faculty to be assigned for the video session teaching.
  • A commonly elected lecturer is a better providence for the students for better access to the concepts of the subject.
  • Initially, a less number of videos must be prepared and uploaded for getting the response from students and if the response is very good then further improvising of the website can be handled after gathering ideas from various faculty and students.
  • As the videos start to get the top-notch response we will start uploading various notes from faculties for the students to prepare for various exams.
  • As the number of videos goes on increasing the learning platform will gain popularity for its varied learning opportunities.
  • This would help them gain a great deal of knowledge and can possess multi-disciplinary subjects.



We had a vision of the future where attendance should not be a barrier for students to get themselves exposed to knowledge and various technical activities.

Why we took this as an option over all of the solutions?

Students who are actually interested in activities out of the class are not attending things due to the fear of attendance and students who are attending those events are losing their class attendance. This arises an issue as attendance shortage leads to severe disciplinary actions. Due to this reason, the participation of students in various technical events is going on decreasing. It is important to support the students in the way they are interested in.


We are going to fix particular credits for each event that is being conducted in the college premises.

Head of that particular event will be sending the candidate list to their respective class teacher.

That lecture will add credits to that particular student.

The student with minimum credits will be assigned with no increment in attendance as he neither attended the classes nor attended the events.

This provides uniform management of attendance with no misjudgment of the student. And a better exposure to the outer events and activities.


Strategy #4: Disc of Fellowship

We would like to develop inter-disciplinary skills across the campus, therefore resulting in collaboration between different branches and extraordinary solutions.

Why we took this as an option over all of the solutions?

The disc of fellowship is unique over the rest all b itself. It gives the students a platform to exhibit their team play skills alongside their core technical skills. This brings out projects/products/ideas that will be flawless for the most part as it involves the minds of diverse engineering backgrounds. Since diverse minds dwell deep into their ideas they will be able to ace out with good set of things which may even change the scenario of the problem which they have targeted.


Firstly, we consider people from all the branches. Students from all the branches must team up into a single group of certain numbers. This ensures the students of all the branches interact with each other.

After the students are teamed up, a set of problems at their campus is put forward.The teams are now allowed to target a problem so as to bring out an effective solution for it to hit it out.

Now, the students are given certain period of time during which they work vigorously over that and try to bring out the solution of their own. They are also allowed to make use of the college resources during this process. This is the part where the main motive of the disc of the fellowship program comes to life.

Finally, the best suited and efficient solution will be awarded and will be brought to life.

 It would enhance students’ thinking capabilities extending their boundaries. And working together in groups would help them develop their technical as well as communication capabilities. 

Fall 2017 UIF Strategic Priorities


Strategy #1: Formation of ECC (Extracurricular Club).

We shall form a club called ECC, which is a place for their hobbies (like Photography, Short Films, especially Sports), in other words, webformhobby Clubs.

Why we took ECC as an option over all other solutions?

The first question that we answer is “Why to form a new club rather than using the existing ones in our college?”The answer is very simple there are no clubs in our college that are determined to work over the extracurricular objectives, though someclubs like YES+ and PAIE are working on some of those activities they are completely different and they share no common core. By forming club we don’t mean forming a completely new but to make all other clubs working independently to work together and allocating a commonplace for them.


Initially, all of these would be formed in small rooms and works after class hours then everything will be developed to a commonplace or common building based on the economic resources available then.

  • Sports Club:Initially the club will be formed as both PT(Physical trainers, who are already available in our college)as heads of these cubs. The work done by them is conducting monthly competitions and raising funds, recruiting coaches for respective sports and conducting summer coaching classes, etc.
  • Short film & Photography Club: Our campus is located in an ecosystem where photography and short film making is very high, but every resource and people are not at one place so they could use them with much more our second part of ECC will be a short film and photography club.It will unite all the people with interests and resources in one place. Fundraising will be done by conducting workshops on photography by the members of the club to the interested ones,and once the fund is raised the club itself sponsors and makes films under our college banner.
  • College Radio & Newspaper:Our third part is campus newspaper and radio.This will be the best place for running any campaigns or passing any information fastly on our campus.


  • Dance & Music Club:In this, we include different working clubs like PAIE and YES+ to this segments so they can work in more optimum level.


Strategy #2: Promoting I&E on our campus.

It can be achieved by makingi-hub & SACas the place where all the departmental organizations(like ACE, AEE, IETE, IE, AME, CSI) collaborate.


Why we took this as an option over all of the solutions?

We thought that rather than forming a new club or increasing the number of programmes we shall first inculcate I&E style thinking among the students.For this, we areusing available organizations to accomplishthis purpose.


  • As departmental organizations conduct events every week, we ask them to conduct some sessions like Brainstorming on I&E, design thinking, and real-world problem solving, etc.
  • We conduct a “Yearly summit” promoting I&E. You may ask me “whyto conduct a Yearly Summit to promote I&E ?” , Well, here is what I personally felt, when I was in my first year of my bachelor's degree, I thought that to be an Entrepreneur we need to have a good economic background. By Conducting Yearly summits we can promote I&E on a great scale.
  • By conducting some Innovation Convention programs across the campus.
  • Conducting motivation talks to students.


Thus as we collaborate with departmental organizations, the reachability of I&E will be high, and within no time we can see a great I&E on our campus.


Strategy #3: Enhancing Student - Industry RelationShip.

Our college definitely lacks in good industry tostudent relationship.We are well educated but don’t have industrial exposure.

Why we took this as an option over all of the solutions?

We took this other than going for industrial tour or organisingworkshops because they would disturb the curriculum here in the college. Hence we try to link the problems faced by real companies and give to our students to solve. Students may not get the right solution but it would definitely make them familiar to  , we wouldtransfer some of the best solutions to industries and they would decide on the solution practicality and would use if that worth them or else they would give a feedback.

Nowadays, a student can get good Industrial exposure when he/she works as an intern in any company. This is the only way that students nowadays choose, but it has many backdrops like missing classes and many others. So, we came up with some ideas like


  • Making students work on some practicalprojects (like creating Web Applications for schools, hospitals or Developing censored based IoT products for some real-time house Automation).
  • Student partnerships programs with various Internship providing platforms like InternShala Student partners program, provide an opportunity to peers at his/her campus to be well updated with the latest Internship or research opportunities.
  • Maintaining good relations with local companies and research incubators in our ecosystem.


By doing so, Students on the campus can have some really good exposure towards client-server based relations when they are actually studying.


Strategy #4: Changing the Way of Teaching.

We think that old teaching methodologies are taking students back in time, they(students) are bounded in college and could not go out and learn new things and technologies, the mediumthrough which education is delivered is also very old.

Why we took this as an option over all of the solutions?

We think that if attendance and mediumof delivering subject was changed, would give the benefits of all other ideas.we talked to peers and our mentor and faculty and came to this solution.As mentioned above we believe that old teaching techniques are taking students back in time than fourth. We think that this is the root most problem to be solved.

We are going to solve this with 2 solutions.

We first thought of digitalizing classrooms;” which is pretty much old” right? so we thought that we shouldnormalsmartIdea and that gave us the thought  of a” VIRTUAL REALITY CLASSROOM”

This works as follows; by using 360°cameras we shoot all the instruments and working with top industries, making portions of technologies, projects under a building and so on. we then place a trail classroom in every department and each student and teacher are given VR Boxes and are taken to the place where real things actually work virtually. There will be a sound system in the room so thatteachercould teach the students on the go of the tour.

The other most common problem we face is Attendance.

We believe that being an Engineer in 21st century mean he/she should not limit their learning in the four bounded walls of the college but travel, explore, watch, communicate and learn.But to do this attendance will be the restrictive term stopping us.

But removing the attendance will be a very bad option because this would drastically disturb the college learning environment.

So we thought of  an idea called“go with your attendance”

This idea is all about creating a platform where students can sign up with their registration numbers and every teacher in the college will have their respective pages where all the classes they took in the semester would be uploaded on go. Every student who signs up will have two choices whether

1. He could watch them for free or

2. If he is out of the station and missed the session he could get attendance for the videos he watched but every attendance granting video will be with some cost ,once he pays the fee he is allowed to view the video and at the end he should answer some random questions to ensure he successfully watched it which is the primary motive of attendance .once a student completes all these his registration number will be appeared on respective teacher’s profile and thus he will be awarded with attendance. So this will give students freedom of learning whenever they want and will grant time for them to work on their passions.


So we think these two solutions could be the primary steps towards the change that we all wish to see in the future.

Change Story:


Spring 2017 UIF Strategic Priorities


Strategy #1: Forming an Innovation Hub and encouraging I&E.

Its a platform for students who think innovatively

The goals of Team I- Hub is:

· Analyzing and helping with ideas and prototypes.

· Providing funds by forming a bridge between management and students.

· Linking like-minded students of different streams, as it isaInterdisciplinaryplatform.


President: Dr.G.Pardhasaradhi Varma - Principal

FacultyAdvisor:Dr.N.Gopi Nukala

Faculty committee :  

1. Dr.Suresh Mudunuri

2. D.Srinivasa reddy

3. M.Raja shekar

Chair Body:


·  VICE CHAIRPERSON-N.Dinesh sai varma

·  Student Counsellor-Y.N.V.Srikanth

·  Junior(s) co-ordintor-G.Sai Susruth

Managing  Body :

One Executive Body Member from each departmental organization is selected as managing body members of the organization. This helps us to promote our events andorganisationwith the help of each departmental organization.

We will be having one event dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship in every departmental day from now on.

· One EBM from each department









·Excecutivebody members of our organization are selected based on their performance in the INNOVATE program. Judges from the respective departmental organizations will evaluate the performance of each candidate and will be  selected based on his match with the “selection criterion”.

· EBMs will be from all years and all departments.

· These EBMs will be working for technology center activities and will be indulging in all the college, entrepreneurship, innovation activities.

Role of Faculty Advisor:

Faculty advisor plays a key role in all thedecision makingof this organization. Every activity that is being conducted by the organization haveto be approved by the Faculty advisor before being brought into action.

Strategy #2: Misconceptions handling and Motivating students.

There are a lot of misconceptions in students regarding the college. Although, the college is very interested in providing a platform for its students they feel that the college isn't providing resources for their projects. At the same time, we also have to act as a mediator between the students and the college management which helps them in building mutual relations with each other.

One of the main mottos of Team I-Hub is to become a platform b/w students and management which solves this problem. Every Doubts, Question, Problems of the students can be brought to team I-Hub which are then cleared by Team I-Hub who will escalate the problem to the management.

#Motivating Students

Another problem which we observed from  our students is that they lack Motivation. As we know Motivation keeps usMovingforwardin any aspect we do. So,We had a strategy to motivate students where people from different fields will address the students once every 10 days. These guests may be a senior professor, entrepreneur,etc., The main motto of this program being conducted once every 10 days is to motivate students in a way that they will get the confidence to achieve what they want.

· Influential alumni speak on entrepreneur, management and communication skills.

· Creating awareness on entrepreneurship.

· Noticing them about various events and motivating them to participate in it.

· Assigning a mentor to a group of students. May be faculty or senior students.

· Orientations on Better ways to organize work and time management.

· Career Guidance through orientations and live videos by Principal, Hod, and other faculty members.

· Awarding freshmen students, who come up with the best innovative idea.


Strategy #3: College app for information access and feedback.

Nowadays people are good at using apps rather than reading books. Our college doesn't have an app although people are more interested in using that. So, in order to pass the necessary information we hereby come up with an idea of developing a college app.

This app works under the following guidelines :

· Giving a unique ID to all its users

· Providing details of  all its departments

· Including faculty

· Letting students connected with the faculty for guidance

· Giving information regarding the assignments Information regarding Events conducted by various departmentalorganisations

· Ratings of the events conducted by clubs

· Feedbacks concerned with the respective faculty

· Newsfeed regarding what"s going on! in the college

· Information regarding the percentage of attendance the student secured

· Schedules of all the lectures

In thiswaypeople get more connected with the faculty and with the information about various programs.  

Strategy # 4: Encouraging Sport :

There is no information about the games conducted in and outside of the college.P.E.T(Physical Education Teacher) shows interest in only specific games and neglects the other games.  

So, there is an idea to start a sports club. Which brings students talent out (who are interested). Its main motto is to encourage the hidden talents of the students which in turn helps in employability. This club contains a group of students (students from every game) for driving this. So, every activity will be conducted by these students.

#How to select the club members:

These club members are the captains of each game (Cricket, football, Volleyball, Basketball…..etc).

#Role of Club members:

They directly deal with the Principal and P.E.T regarding any sports event that should be conducted or running events outside the college. They need to select the students for the college team of each game for the year.

#Clear Idea How the Club is going to run:

Step 1:Encouraging every Section From Every Department: (department like CSE, ECE, EEE, MECH, IT, CIVIL)

In our college, there are 6 departments Each department contains students of 4 years. Each academic year has 4 sections. As soon as the club starts functioning they conduct a introductory event of one and half months. Event in the sense a competition that brings seriousness among the interested candidates in each section of the department.

This one and half month introductory event are divided into 6 weeks . each for each department, for example first goes ECE.The week allotted for recess again divided into 5 days. 1stday for all sections of  1styear. Each Section Should bringthereteams for the respective games like volleyball, cricket, tennis….etc. Among these teamsthe club members select the students and form a team of 1styear. The same thing happens with the second years, third years and fourth yearsof  ece.

Now the fifthday  thecompetition will be among the selected candidates of 1st,2nd,3rdand 4thofeceand a  finial team from Ece will be picked out irrespective of the academic years only based on the talent and skill.

In coming weeks something will happen with the other branches too. That means at the end of the one and month event we have 6 department teams for each game .

Step 2:

After a month gap .There will be 6 teams for each game from all branches .we schedule the second event with the 6 branch teams for each game. From this 6 teams, they scrutinize their skill and pick a single team for each game. That is “COLLEGE TEAM”

In Andhra Pradesh college fests will be conducted in the second half of the academic year generally they include sports. So this college teams practice for those fests


· The Club members encourage them to participate in different college fests and other competitions.


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