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He is currently working in Infosys. He completed his B.tech degree in Electronics and Instrumentation from Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College.His vision is to increase industrial production manifold, ease various complicated processes and hence human efforts as well by using automation as a 

key tool to innovation and started his endeavours by completing hiscertified KUKA Basic training and subsequently by getting trained inLabVIEW (CLD training) , NX-CAD, Embedded system, Solar energy plants , Keil , Proteus and welding techniques.

His research paper on "KUKA YouBot integration with LabVIEW- for Industrial Application" was published in International Journal of Smart Home at the RTCSE conference held in Malaysia. He also worked on various projects like Pulse Detonation engine, Fanuc NC guided integrated MDAS, virtual guitar, virtual piano, home automation system. He is currently working on "search and rescue mission using KUKA YouBot and aerial robot "to facilitate quick rescue with minimised causalities.

He has also been an active participant in managerial domain as the head coordinator of several college and national level event like SCROLL'S (National technical paper presentation), Tech-Trishna (Technical fest), Table Tennis, Saksham (annual college fest). He is currently designated as Student Ambassador of AKGEC-KUKA and R&D head of College technical society (Phoenix).The source of creativity and innovation drives him to acknowledge and work upon various technical challenges our industries facing

Spring 2017 mates:  Rohit_jatana Shashank Singh , Sandesh_Singh

Fall 2016 mate: Ayush_Aggarwal

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