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Project Pitch Video

AKGEC Spring 2017 Pitch Video link:

Spring '17 :

Strategy#1: Increasing awareness among students about I&E

Forming a society of multi-disciplinary students for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, having regular interaction in form of seminars, workshops, invited talks, giving awareness to all students and then motivating them towards I&E.

The very first possible step is organising Start-up Weekends. This being easily sponsored by an alumni already enrolled in Enterpreneurship .We also aim at increasing interaction of interested students with few alumni who are currently working on their Start-ups. One such person in contact is Mr. Ravi Gupta with his almost established firm ELECTROWHIP .

Strategy#2: Missed Lecture Retrieval Scheme

It is a general problem perhaps in any of the Indian Instituitions that students involved in any of the Extra-Syllabus Projects do suffer in their academics due to missing of lectures and required Course .This harms the students in two ways, firstly they suffer for less attendance and secondly , the incompensatable missing of lectures. We came up with an idea of "Missed Lecture Retrieval" Scheme. In our exploration to the college, we came to know that there are few common subjects for all the Engineering streams in every Sem. So it is an appropriate solution that if a student missed or want to miss few lectures, he is priveliged with the choice for attending that lecture in any other section which has a two- three day lagging syllabus run.The student would also be provided with attendance for the lecture. This needs an online attendance management system and a smart ID Card. We are working on it.

Strategy#3Encourage and help students to have more practical approach

'One easily implementable part on our hand is to try for "Labour Instead of Money" scheme. Very oftenly students are uncomfortable with paying course fee for the extra-syllabus Industry-Oriented courses available in our college (such as KUKA Industrial Robotics Training Centre, LabVIEW Academy, JANATICS Pneumatics Centre, BOSCH-Rexroth Industrial Automation Training Centre and few more..). Our '"Labour Instead of Money" scheme would be facilitating students to pursue the course without paying in form of money rather they can provide their labour to the lab in extra-college hours. The labour may  include maintaining Stock Register, Working with BoM, Serving as Lab assistant and performing other managerial and technical relevant Jobs.

Strategy#4: Common Makerspace for all !!

It's a specific problem in our college that students who are not part of any College Club are unprivileged to access in few specific facilities available in our college. Also it's not possible for the administration to open all such spaces for all because it would be hard maintaining the LABS. So, it might be a genuine solution to have a Common Makerspace available for all monthlyMembership basis.

Our Idea is to allot the LABS on monthly basis without any indulgence of Money,but the students are to take the responsibility of the LAB.


Strategy#1: Practical Application Of Academic Theories

Our college is associated with a university AKTU and its practical patterns are now not meeting the industry standards. So it is necessary to increase the faith of the students in the theories they are studying.

'Tactic 1: Firstly the facilities and technologies available in the laboratories should be made easily accessible to the students.

Tactic 2: A minor or major project regarding the subjects 'of a semester should be made compulsory and inherent part of the academics.

Tactic 3: Faculties should take charge and direct and help the students in creating their project

Strategy#2: Induction of Multidisciplinary approach in engineering students

Interdisciplinary instruction allows understanding our preconceptions of "what is" and the framework by which we arrived at "what is." It also fits with recent advances in learning science about how to foster learning when students bring powerful pre-existing ideas with them to the learning process.

We believe that there is a wide range of career opportunities and areas of research that demands integrated learning approach. Also, we have come across students that hold the interest in multiple branches and want to explore each one of them.

Thus, to encourage this initiative we brainstormed and thought of conducting weekend seminars by industrialists, faculties and alumni who will mentor students on the future prospects and projects that they should take up.

We also received an intriguing feedback from a senior faculty suggesting that brainstorm sessions among students of various branches will also invigorate the critical thinking approach.

Strategy#3: Organising a Technical-fest to foster the technical spirits within

Our college has various departmental clubs that contest compeitions at a relatively smaller scale. This voids students of a large scale exposure to exhibit their projects and tarnish their managerial skills.

Thus, upon inquiring we found the dire need of a yearly technical-fest at a national level that gives students the pedestal to compete with the entire nation. Robo Wars, Hackathons, RoboSoccer and many such amusing events help students to brush up on their technical skills. Also, we aim to encourage over-all development and have strategised this as it will hone the techno-managerial skills too. We sorted out the workflow for organising an event on a wide scale and have been on the lookout for sponsors and other resources.

Strategy#4: Student Web Portal to ease opting a trade in engineering

Freshers are quite baffled when it comes to choosing a trade in engineering and often fall prey to hear-say of relatives and friends. They haven't implored significant personalities of that trade and tend to take wrong decisions and consequently pursue a 4-year long degree in an undesired branch.

To plug this loophole, we resolved to create a student web portal that would increasingly help students to exercise the right choice. We chalked out a few tabs that could be incorporated - Mock Tests, Teachers Assignments, Placement Sectors, Alumni Guides, Projects, Trainings and more. Under each of these sections,  elaborated and documented information would converge the minds of the perplexed students on the right path.

This portal must be regularly updated to be in consonance with the dynamic syllabus and innovation and entrepreneurship projects coming up. This could be a significant approach in helping the freshers fix on the trade which is in congruence with their abilities.


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