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Ujwal Kandi is a University Innovation Fellow Candidate and an undergraduate student majoring in Electronics & Computer Science Engineering at
KL University (KLU). He as a person is an expressive introvert- one who loves and enjoys being around people and is also a strong work ethic. Wherever he is, he loves to uplift people's spirits and inspires others to recognize their potential. This passion has led him to the University Innovation Fellows where he is working to bring the joy of experiential learning in his campus.

He excelled at academics in his first year of the course being the branch topper and got introduced to the university student activities for the first time in his second year and worked extensively. He is currently working for his department fest Thrusang, which is scheduled after 6 long years and is working hard to bring its legacy back. He contributes to the University Open Source Group and is a passionate follower of Open source innovation and technologies. He is an avid web surfer and is extensively interested to learn new skills and tools. An apt example would be, he learned the tool of photoshop to assist his team in the aspect of designing. A believer in learning by doing, he looks at problems from different perspectives and focuses on the pain points that affect everyone, as a result of which he is in the process of devising varied Peer Learning Methodologies in the campus which assists the all-round learning of interdisciplinary students and students from different ethnicities. He is deeply influenced by Elon Musk, the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla & SpaceX and Co-founder of Paypal and his thoughts "When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour". He closely relates Elon with his favourite Marvel character Ironman and he wants to design tools similar to them. Being a University Innovation Fellow candidate his first priority is to carry forward the legacy of his earlier UIF cohort and then to make a difference in the way students are learning and applying things in the campus.


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