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Tejaswini Kancharla is studying computer science engineering at Sri Venkateswara College Of University, India. She believes in smart work rather than hard work. She is interested in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. She is good at making front-end of websites. Her special skills lie at motivating and inspiring people.

She has a good passion for writing. She writes lyrics, novels (science fiction, historical fiction, love). With her passion for writing, she also did two internships in Content Writing. She decided to contribute the money earned from content writing internships to the orphan homes. She is the Chief Creative Officer in Ignite club at her college which helps students to give life to their ideas. She is also a Chief Editor of the college magazine Jigeesha. She loves grabbing opportunities every time.  She actively participates and organizes every activity at her college.

Her dream is to become a notable entrepreneur and to contribute something to Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality. She is an ambitious girl and always works hard to prove herself in everything. She believes that education without innovation is just like a house with no roof, the purpose of the house is not satisfied without a roof because we must dry in sun, wet in rain and shiver in the cold though we have a house. The reason behind her joining in UIF is that she thought when the world is running for education UIF is the one trying to include innovation in education and so she wants to contribute her best to the program.

She is an open minded girl. She loves making new friends, helping people with her own hard work. Luckily, she got great parents and friends to help her in everything. She is a kind of person who points out a positive reason in every negative incident. 


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