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Strategy #1: Creating a good interaction between interdisciplinary students.

tactic-1: Creating an E-Magazine.

 College E-magazine is useful in many ways. The main purpose of it is to acknowledge students about the campus news and the resources in it and also the achievements of their fellow contemporaries. It has a higher educative value. It develops the thinking and writing skills of a student. It strengthens the imagination of a student. Publishing the articles on their respective subjects imparts overall knowledge to all. It also helps the students to know the value of co-operation and teamwork and encourages them to maintain a  healthy competition.Creating an E-magazine helps students to publish their talents, their thoughts etc which in turn helps all the other students to come to know the talents of their peers. It helps them to approach a right person to work in their ideas. 

tactic-2: Forming different clubs.

Different clubs will be formed based on the diverse interests of students. The clubs include Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club, Technical club, Arts club, Communication skills and Personality development club, Sports Club. Students will be taken into these clubs based on their interests.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship club:

    Innovation and entrepreneur activities are necessary for a college that helps the students to build Innovation and entrepreneur mindset.These activities help in building a team and problem-solving to create a new value in the world.The activities of this club include conducting awareness camps, idea contests, problem-solving challenges and competitions etc..

Technical club:        Imparting technical skills empowers the students and builds confidence. The main objective of this club is to impart practical knowledge over the subject. These activities help the students to gain technical experience and adapt to new technology. The activities of this club include conducting workshops, hands-on, training, integral participating in hackathons, projects etc.. Arts club:  

    Arts are an important part of human beings.This club helps students to retain their hobbies. Engaging in arts helps the students to stretch their boundaries and enhances their process of learning. The activities of this club are singing, dancing, short films etc..

Communication skills and personality Development club:

    Imparting communication and personality development skills helps to strengthen the bond among individuals. These activities help to improve confidence and impressive personality. The activities in this club are  GroupDiscussions, seminars, Jam sessions, Debates etc..

Sports club:   

 Sports play a great role in everyone's life. Engaging in sports activities encourages the growth of team spirit. Participating in tournaments helps us to improve recreation. It develops both physical and mental health. The activities in this club include both indoor and outdoor games.

tatic-3: Creating a website to get them together.

  • S.V.U Innora    -Together towards development

This website(S.V.U Innora) is a single platform for the students of various disciplinaries to get together and share their ideas.It hosts information about different activities and competitions like hackathons, dance competitions, sports competitions etc apart from holding all the information about the activities conducted by the club.It provides updates about upcoming Guest Lectures and Seminars and also about the events and fests that are conducted external to the college ecosystem. This provides a chance to interested students from different branches to attend the fests together. In this website under the discussion forum , students from various majors can discuss and a student can take the help of the student from the different major in the project work.

Strategy #2: Establishing good interaction between Professors and Students.

A good interaction between professors and students is the rudimentary principle for healthy education. It helps the students in asking doubts freely.A good relationship between helps the student to excel academically.A sense of connection between students and professors helps the students to feel that they belong to the institution and professors can understand the needs of the student and teaches them necessary skills to make them world leaders.

tactic-1: Celebrating Teacher's day.

In University level we never see celebrations of teacher's day. Maybe they are professors but their profession is teaching. There is a great essence of celebrating teacher's day in University level which not only brings students and professors together. It also provides a platform to bring professors from different fields together so that they could discuss their subjects and may get an idea and work together.

tactic-2: Asking professors to spend some time on general topics in the classroom.

Engaging in meaningful conversation with teachers helps the student to gain Knowledge and necessary skills.Spending some time on general topics and recent technologies enhances students knowledge. It helps students to feel free with the professors as they see another angle in their professor other than the mundane teaching one. Professors can also share their research experience which leads to the success of the institution.

Strategy #3: University and Industry Collaboration.

It is a key aspect to look into as every student should land into one or the other industry.Collaboration of university with industries provide opportunities in industries for undergraduate level students.This helps to increase the Innovation Framework via reasearch and Development.It makes the students to get ready for the challenges that are to be faced in the industry.Moreover it helps in I&E development.

tactic-1: Arranging Industrial Visits.

Industrial visits not only improve the knowledge of students but also in getting ideas after visiting that gigantic machinery and all. Students can also come to know about the environment of the industry with these visits. They can also have a great chance to meet the staff and know about their experiences.

tactic-2: Requesting Industries to conduct Internship interviews for students.

The Internship helps students to enhance carrer,a cademic and personal development. It provides a chance to learn the practical work.It is like giving a practical touch to the subject they have been learning.It gives us the experience to work as a team and working with mentor.It helps in improving Leadership ,Skill Development and communication skills.It helps the students to know about the requirements of industries and helps in networking with other peers.

Strategy #4: Creating an Innovation Space.

Thinking and implementing the idea Unconsciously may lead great financial loss.Many people are uneasy with the idea of developing a vision.Through Innovation space we  can develop and capture a vision.Rather than going directly for implementing the idea it is better to prototype and test the idea.Creating an innovation space helps the students to know whether their idea is implementable or not , with help of prototyping and testing.

tactic-1: Building an innovation room with all the raw materials.

Any idea needs to be prototyped before the actual implementation. So in order to prototype students need a space to meet and work on the prototype together. This innovation space serves them by providing space and raw materials for working on their prototypes.

tactic-2: Testing Session.

Providing a platform to test their ideas with different students either by showcasing them on magazine or by a direct interaction with students.

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