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Tejaswini Perikala is a junior and majoring Computer Science Engineering at SHRI VISHNU ENGINEERING COLLEGE FOR WOMEN. She comes out with innovative ideas and very actively participated in all kind of activities. She easily gets immune to any kind of circumstances. She is good at communication skills and soft skills.
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She is a lover of nature and she aspires to become a wildlife photographer. She is pretty confident on her own and she is a team player too. She gives importance to both academics and extra-curricular activities. She is good at managing the time. She loved to be individual in her lifestyle. She is extra talented in convincing anyone. She can communicate her ideas easily without any fear. She will stand only on one leg ie., truth. She is a straightforward woman. She will complete her work fully without neglecting a small minute thing also. She believes in one quotes “SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING”. She is very dedicated to her work. She is a student leader at our college for many clubs like Indian Society For Technical Education [ISTE]. She will guide many students in a correct way and stand for them at any time. She believes in smart work rather than hard work. She initiated “WASTE PAPER RECYCLING “ project at our college, as we have many waste papers and waste books after every academic year, so she will collect all those papers and make them into new papers. She makes different useful handcraft materials with that paper. She is giving training to students who are interested in making new paper and some rural ladies nearby our college to lead their life by selling these handcraft materials.

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