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SVECW, a higher-education institution set up exclusively for women students, provides an excellent opportunity to them for acquiring specific skills and knowledge, fostering their creativity and nurturing their innovative prowess leading to their intellectual development. The holistic development of the students would ultimately bolster women empowerment. The near 100 acre campus is pollution free and is set in salubrious environs accentuated by its lushness and vibrancy.

Strategy #1:Creating awareness on resources

Utilization of resources happen only if students are aware of resources present in our college.For that we are introducing college app and create awareness on that app so that students use that app and can know different resources present in the college. Smart Campus App is a Smartphone Technology solution for the next generation smart campuses. It's the best companion for students with a world of knowledge at their finger tips and increases student engagement. We digitize our campus and put all our campus information at fingertips. Smart Campus App makes implementing new initiatives in our campus easy and enables collection of real time insights efficient. Providing our students with the most advanced tools to connect with campus through digital & social boards, organization directories, tutorials, online exams & class schedules. We make complete student to student and student to management experience more meaningful on the go as follows:

Students can write their grievances and feedback on anything in the campus which will directly reach to the Principal.
News-feed regarding what's going on in the campus. Technical Current Affairs which gives awareness for the students.

Strategy #2:Establishing a hub on Design Thinking and I&E

Till intermediate students are habituated to solve important problems for exams.The thinking capacity of students is decreased. But unfortunately it has been continued in the engineering also.They are able to solve only book problems and failing to solve real-time problems.So we must introduce importance of design thinking,Innovation and entrepreneurship. The things we do in hub are:

We teach the process of design thinking.

We form different students into groups.

Assign a real world problem to each group .

They should solve that problem using design thinking.

Strategy #3:Website for career Guidance

Even though students are in third and final years they are unable to decide their path for future.Students are unable to set goals.So we wanna create a website for career guidance.So that they can find different streams of their interests in one website.They can get updates regarding there interests.And we also have alumni of every stream so that students get contact with the people who are successful in that stream and they can get guidance from them.

Strategy #4:Student lead activities to convert teacher-oriented class to student-oriented class

To bring changes in the teaching methods we need to convert 'teacher-oriented classroom where teacher teaches continuously and student listen to them' to 'student-oriented classroom where students participate in teaching' The process includes:

Teacher gives preview about the next class and the resources to go through the concept.

Every student get their turn and they should speak about that topic.

I there is any modifications teacher will do that.

And there are some credits and marks for this,so that every student participate.

Strategy #5:Experts on design Thinking

There are no Design Thinking experts in the college so we want to increase collaboration of college with industry people we are experts in design thinking through social websites like Facebook,whats app,LinkedIn etc.,Experts posts different articles on Design Thinking.Students can ask different doubts regarding their posts.

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