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Tapti Saha is a Master of Computer Science student in Kent State University. She is from India. She grew up in a big and crowded metro city Kolkata in India. Kolkata in India is famous for Mother Teresa house.She have volunteered in teaching poor children in Mother Teresa House for once a week.She is currently working on crowdsourcing model by developing an application where a stranger can get a detailed information of all the trees present in Kent campus by giving a photograph of an unknown leaf. She want to work in a stimulating environment where she can apply and enhance her knowledge and skill to serve the firm the best of her efforts. She works as a grader in Kent State University. She studied her high school under the Diocese Chruch School. She also completed her bachelors in computer science engineering degree in Kolkata, India. She had done a certified course for 10 years in dance. She love to learn new language and she can speak French and little bit of Spanish. She was guest for 2 hours in Kent's Black Squirrel Radio. In her spare time she write blogs and play computer games.

If you want to read her blogs, this is the link


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