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T. Stan Gregory is a University Innovation Fellow from the Spring 2015 cohort, and a Postdoctoral Fellow. Stan serves as the Medical Robotics Lab at the University of Georgia’s Undergraduate Recruiter and Outreach Coordinator. He is currently investigating the clinical applications of Magnetohydrodynamic Distortions in Recorded Electrocardiograms in High Field MRI, while developing technologies to both improve image quality and lessen time associated with Cardiac MRI. Stan earned a Ph.D. in 2015 at U. Georgia, a M.S. in 2012 at Virginia Tech and a B.S. in 2010 from UNC-Chapel Hill. He specializes in biomedical instrumentation, particularly for medical imaging, and has previously worked on developing instrumentation for use with diagnostic ultrasound imaging as well as high-speed X-Ray systems. He maintains various teaching and entrepreneurship interests, working to incorporate innovation and entrepreneurship into standard engineering curricula, currently through course development at UGA and the synthesis of a UGA Medical Innovation Studio. The UGA Medical Innovation Studio aims to serve as a student-run incubator for medical device innovation and entrepreneurial translation through the merger of a student makerspace with NCIIA’s E-team program. Stan is striving to make these efforts into a self-sustaining entity in the University; enriching the entrepreneurial ecosystem at UGA. Stan hopes to eventually join a research university as a faculty member, where he can both pursue his research and work to engage students and better prepare them for post-graduation success.

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