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Susruth is a university innovation fellow and a computer science undergraduate from Saagi Ramakrishnam Raju Engineering College (SRKREC).He is born and grown-up in Visakhapatnam, he loves coding,so he choosen computer science stream in B.Tech and moved to Bhimavaram for higher studies in 2015, there he started living on his own to learn important life experiences.

In his times in SRKREC, he worked for advancement and benefits of various coding clubs and other organizations,Apart from studying undergraduate he conducted various student meets to improve their skills.Susruth is a member of chairman-body of  Innovation Hub and working for its develpoment.He is an active social worker. In his spare time, he works on new algorithms and tries to challenge his skill-set.

After his high school, Susruth choosen his career path to be an entrepeneur, so he can work for his own passion.He always wants to bring change in the society by his innovative ideas and skills.In SRKREC, He is working to improve digital literacy in his campus.He participated and won in various workshops and competitions. He believes in practical approach toward problems and patience during tough times.He want to be the change to bring change in his surrounding.

Written By: Susruth Garapaty

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