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I am Y.N.V.Srikanth doing my graduation in the stream of Electronics and Communication
engineering at SRKR Engineering college(Andhra university). My focuses include Electronics
and Social issuses. I am originally from Hyderabad, Telangana,India. After exploring my
possible career paths, I transferred to SRKR Engineering college (Affliated toAndhra university)
to pursue a degree that would better prepare me for my intended career. There, I was
exposed to the University Innovation Fellows. I am also a member of IETE which is a national
level technical organization which focuses on student related programs to improve their
technical knowledge.

From a very young age, I was interested in Electronics. Growing up, I was also very heavily
involved in designing circuits .My Hobbies are Coin collection and Photography.  I am
passionate about Social issues and communication, both as a discipline and as practice. This
passion has led me to participate in multiple Techinical contests. On my campus, I am
interested in expanding the way students communicate across discipline.and I am a chair body
in “ I-TEAM HUB” in the college campus.

Written By: Srikanth Yadavalli

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