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Sofia Lacayo is a sixth-year medical student at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN-MANAGUA). She works at the medical school as a promoter of innovation among students and as a speaker on entrepreneurship issues. She is also an interpreter of the faculty in international university affairs. She has participated for 4 years in the innovation and development workshop of Grand Valley State University and in the recreation of this workshop in different faculties of her university.

In 2015, she participated in the call for competitive funds for innovation, being selected to obtain financial resources to achieve the creation of prototypes and promote innovation in her creation, this opportunity gives her a great work experience with inventiveness, innovation, Entrepreneurship and relationships of agreements and resources.

As a person, she is animated, cheerful, supportive, honest and hardworking, since childhood has had a creative mind, developing very well in manual arts, invention, teamwork and leadership. Her favorite activities are reading, swimming, the extracurricular support of his teachers and the participation in medical brigades in the poor communities of her country.

As a medical student, she has worked actively teaching other students the importance of innovating in the communities and being an entrepreneur in the ​​health area. Her dream is to see her university as a center of reference in innovation and entrepreneurship, to be the pioneer in education technology in the country, as well as a place where students enjoyed and developed their ability to create.

She is a candidate for university innovation fellow program and as a candidate she has been actively working in her university community and now she will assist to the Stanford University program in the spring of 2018.


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