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Aplication of design thinking workshops

These Design Thinking projects are an initiative to help university students from different universities and faculties to explore a new perspective for solving problems. During these workshops, we tried to indicate the students who attended the courses with a brief presentation with the students. Design concepts for the design of the world, as well as the importance of including innovation and entrepreneurship in their professional careers.
To emphasize these workshops and make sure they understand what they are working on, we provide them with a series of social problems that we know of and demand that they work in teams and present innovative solutions that help solve these problems.

Incorporation of innovations in the university currículum of UNAN-Managua

We are proposing to incorporate "innovation" as a mandatory part of the curriculum, in this way, students can have teachers and mentors who can put it into innovation and entrepreneurship through the methods of design thinking. We propose to provide a safe and useful environment to safely analyze creative and innovative ways for all careers.
To help achieve this project, we are sending forms to the main departments with the hope that they accept this idea to their faculties.

Incorporation of a educational/students plataform for UNAN Managua 

In UNAN-Managua, outside of the classroom, communication with teachers or other administration services is not easy, it offers an online platform for all students, the list of students teachers can not only communicate more easily, but Also, we are proposing the possibility of verifying your grades, schedules, classes, registering and canceling courses, sending and receiving assignments, as well as maintaining the regular news of the university.
We conclude that this platform is very useful for the university and also for the administrators.
Transparency: since the platform is available to the public and allows the teaching and qualification process to be more precise.
Economical: money would not be spent on impressions
Eco-friendly: paper is not used to print and reprint documents after corrections.

Inclusion of english as a second language as part of the learning process.

Currently, in Nicaragua, they do not practice the second language, and students miss learning opportunities for caregivers of this skill. We propose to recruit UNAN students in the English as a second language program to help students interested in learning English. learn the language but do not have the financial resources to learn it. The students of English of career benefitted doing the necessary practices for the graduation through the UNAN.

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua, Managua

Link to video: Creating a maker community at UNAN Managua.

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