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The National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN) is the oldest university in Nicaragua. It was founded in 1812 in the city of Leon, head of the department of the same name. It was the second university created in Central America and last of the universities founded by Spain during the colony in America.

The university currently has a central campus and 4 campuses located in the most remote areas of the capital to achieve the capture of the majority of students who opt for university courses in the country.



-Medical science
-Education and humanities
-Humanities and legal sciences
-Economic sciences
-Polythecnic health institute
-Science and engineering


To train integral professionals and technicians from and with a scientific and humanist conception of the world, capable of interpreting social and natural phenomena with a critical, reflective and proactive sense, so that they contribute to social development, through an educational model centered on people ; a model of scientific research that integrates universal paradigms; a permanent human and professional improvement derived from the degree and postgraduate from a conception of education for life; programs of social projection and extension, that promote the cultural identity of the Nicaraguans; all in a framework of genuine cooperation, equity, commitment and social justice and in harmony with the environment.


The UNAN-Managua is a public and autonomous Higher Education institution, of national and international reference in the training of professionals and technicians, at the graduate and postgraduate levels, with social commitment, with ethical, moral and humanistic values ​​and in defense of the environment environment, leader in the production of science and technology, in the generation of relevant learning models that contribute to overcoming national, regional and international challenges; constituting an ideal space for the debate of ideas and the constructive critical analysis of innovative practices and proposals for permanent human and professional improvement, contributing to the construction of a more just and solidary Nicaragua and, therefore, more human and in benefit of the great majorities.


Applied Global Innovation Initiative

Through product innovation that is interdisciplinary, intercultural, and innovative in approach The Applied Global Innovation Initiative empowers individuals (communities, faculty, staff, and students) to address challenging environmental, economic, and social issues facing the world’s poorest populations.

AGII is co-directed by Drs. Paul Lane and John Farris. Teams traveling from West Michigan have included designers from Tiger Studio, Kendall College of Art & Design, Herman Miller, and other local companies. Annually, two main innovation trips occur in May and August, with smaller trips throughout the year.

UNAN-Managua  its been part of this iniciative for 14 years now, which helps in Innovation, entrepreneurship and product design by developing a one week workshop in Estelli City with Students and professor of UNAN-Managua under the mentorship of Professors and Students of the Grand valley State University and the Kendall College of Design of Michigan 

Promoting student Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

The University promotes its professores, staff and students creativity, by organizing innovation workshops, as well as sponsoring events that will promote students creativity in problem solvings and thinking outside the box.

UNAN has become known as the Innovation University in Latin America. For ten years, the faculty has participated in an annual Innovation Workshop.The faculty of the ca. 40,000 student body has integrated the teachings of problem solving, design thinking in their curriculum on campuses around Nicaragua. The Rector of the university has been promoting innovation on all levels, and the results have become more and more visible.

Encouraging Faculty Innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Commission of the UNAN-Managua promotes innovation through congresses, programs, innovation workshops within these: Regional Integration Program; University and Sustainable Development in Central America (IRUDESCA Project); educational program ‘’Learn, Undertake, Prosper’’; Science, Technology and Innovation congress and the innovation workshop in may led by the University of Grand Valley.

The Unan has many challenges and especially this year that has been called Year of the Internationalization of the University the objective is that the development of these activities will allow us to become visible nationally and internationally, being above all reference in American universities and Latin America as in the case of the Stanford project. Our goal is to position UNAN-Managua in these spaces where the topic of innovation and entrepreneurship are of great interest.

A committee of faculty members from all campuses has been established. They meet regularly to review individual campus activities, to share methods, and to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Individual faculty have become mentors and guide others, demonstrating their success in becoming entrepreneurs.

Actively Supporting the university technology transfer function.

TIC, the UNAN technology group has been active in the annual innovation workshops and making all efforts to integrate and apply technology throughout the processes. Mobile technology is being applied to field research, user empathy surveys, early 3D technology is being prototype modeling.

UNAN Managua has a technology transfer center whose main function is to share information on scientific and technological knowledge to develop new applications, where our students, teachers, administrative staff and third parties interested in learning about scientific knowledge and technological updates of The progress of UNAN Managua can go at any time where they can acquire, assign, share, access or position innovative knowledge of the Nicaraguan market.
As well, UNAN Managua has an Innovation and Entrepreneurship center, Projects of "Collaborative R + D + I", Patents and Utility Models, Technology Transfer Contracts and several panels on innovation and entrepreneurship, such as the 2016 panel on "Perspectives of technology transfer processes from academia to business" where each of the panelists expressed their point of view on technology transfer and how universities should articulate processes with companies and society as a whole.

Facilitating University - Industry collaboration.

The need to collaborate with industry is a growing effort and is being developed in the disciplines of health, health care, nutrition, engineering. Some campuses start to work with industry to share user research, technology developments, establish maker labs.

As a university we thrive on providing students with possibility of short internships on their desire company or field while on their senior year of college, to provided them with the possibility of a permanent job once they have graduated.

Engaging With regional and local economic development efforts.

Each region of Nicaragua is very different and provides different regional and local development efforts. Managua is the central business hub. In the outlying areas, campus activities include the communities and address local issues such as water, agriculture, climate change. UNAN established a program UNICAM to include the rural students, who learn entrepreneurship and problem solving thinking in weekend classes. These very often involve people from the mayor's office to farmers.

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