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Serving as UIF Since: Spring 2017.

Siddhartha Mondreti 2023.jpg

School: Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology.

What he does now: Data Scientist @PayPal Inc.

What that means: Helping the thought leadership of PayPal products in data driven decision making and identifying the KPIs and Metrics to measure the business success.
Contact him about: Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Product Strategy, Design Thinking, I&E Ecosystems

Email: siddharthamondreti@gmail.com
Phone: (+91) - 7660839949

Siddhartha Mondreti (UIF Spring 2017) is a Graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology, India. Along with his team Grusha Kaur, Jahnavi Mavuri and Rachana P, he has setup the first student body in the college named it Student Activity Council. He trained more than 300 students on Design Thinking using WhatsApp. Once the management was able to see the impact he created with such limited resources, they have agreed to add more resources and make it streamlined. He has setup a Tech I&E hub called Innogen in the campus to improve Innovation and Entrepreneurship culture in the campus. He got a chance to share his story as a talk at the UIF Regional Meetup in Bangalore India.

After his graduation he has joined Mu Sigma Inc a pure play analytics company as a Decision Scientist and was a part of Healthcare and Product Analytics verticals. He is now working with PayPal Inc as a Data Scientist. He is helping PayPal Giving's Leadership to identify the key KPIs and Metrics to measure the Business Growth.

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