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Shaik Neha Chandini is a junior and a majoring Computer Science Engineering at Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women. She is the representative of her class. She is the coordinator of TechXtreme Club in her school and conducts many technical events as a part of the club.She possesses good listening skills, communication skills, and excellent management skills. She motivates many students at her school. She is working on a project in Assistive Technology Lab at her school.This project will be provided to the needy people freely by the college.She is a workaholic. She is also good at her academics. She participates in every event conducted at her school. Neha is incredibly passionate about leadership. She is pretty confident on her own and she is a team player too. She is a mentee at Microsoft.
She is very passionate about coding. She is a nature lover. She is extremely dedicated and committed to any work she is assigned to. Her inclination towards exploring new areas of knowledge places her in good stead.
Written By: Shaik Neha Chandini

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