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ImranBasha is an undergraduate seeking Bachelor of Technology in electronics and communication engineering at Annamacharya institute of technology and sciences.He is a very responsible person who served as the campus ambassador to his university.He has taken many initiatives among his friends,within his room,within his class,whithin his college.He is a game changer.He promotes his knowledge of attending them through his seminars.He captivates the listensers with his vocabulary and brings the awareness of different current topics.The most appreciable one was the talk given by him in his engineering first year,regarding IOT.It was thought provoking to many to think that reasearch has also a greater priority in the world of electronics.He led different college projects in his team,which were successful with his effective leading and good team work.His dad stays his all time inspiration in educating the people with the knowledge we do possess.His father,who couldnot afford his schooling,completed his secondary education with lots of hurdles and also educating his 8 other siblings.This always motivates Imranshaik to possess good leadership qualities and caring for others.He is one,who brought the awareness of how communication is vital in this society and brought the culture of speaking in english in academic premises.He is an influencing guy and a rare kind .He is found passionate and adjustable to every new changes in and around him.He always believes in being an employee,feeds a home,rather being an enterpreneur ,feeds many homes,that proves him his high intensed will to be an enterpreneur.   

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Team Members :

P M Himabindu

Y Nikhila Pranathi

D Deekshitha


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