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S Asif Ali is an university innovation fellow and an Graduate student of technology in computer science and engineering at Siddhartha institute of science and technology (SISTK).

He was born and raised in a town Tirupathi of Andhra pradesh,India. He has a good sense of humour and that reflects in his professional bio.  His father  lives in Saudi Arabia. His strengths are hard worker, self motivating,dedicated towards work and also a good learner. He likes to interact and collaborate with other peers of different places, interested in travelling shows much interest to meet different races of people. His hobbies are enjoying music,surfing net.

He believes in knowledge, creativity rather than grades in academia of a person. He has done many courses like IBM big data, Mean Stack + Cloud Computing, Cloud 101, Continuous Integration of Software, Critical Thinking, Database in Cloud, Differentiating UI, Engineer’s Path, From Engineers to Executive: The path Forward, Introduction to Big Data: Limitless Opportunities, IOT, It’s Who You Know: Networking will help you wherever you go, Myth’s About Carrier Management, Next Generation Monitoring for your cloud and On-Premises Application, Oracle JET: Free and open source JavaScript Tool kit, Software in Silicon, Value of IT Certification. And paper presentations in many schools. His moves are towards Entrepreneur.

What he says is " A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve,not by the desire to beat others".

Asif can be contacted at s.asifali0000@gmail.com



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