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Serrana is an University Innovation fellow candidate and an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Software Engineering at the University of Montevideo. 

She was born in Artigas, a small city of Uruguay, where she lived until 2017 when she moved to Montevideo to start college at University of the Republic. After a year of self growth and introspection, she decided to transfer to the Univeristy of Montevideo to continue her studies, where she met amazing and inspiring people that led to her involvement in I&E. She is part of the Agents of Change program, where she learns Design Thinking, communication skills, and entrepenuership tools. It was the place that led her to UIF.  

Serrana has always been very interested in innovation and cutting edge technology, she is always trying to learn new things in order to be better prepared to follow her dreams. She taught herself how to use game engines and started making little video games, one of her goals is to do that for a living. She is also interested in animation and 3D modelling.

Additionally,  she is a very active person, throughout her life she has practised many sports including hockey where her team was National Amateur Champion for three years in a row. She is currently focusing in Crossfit. 

She is always looking for challenges as she believes is the best way to grow and improve, and her biggest dream is to make a positive impact by creating software tools to reinvent the way students learn. 

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