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Sandeep Addala  is an enthusiastic engineer who is very interested in exploring new things. Presently he is pursuing his graduation  in the stream of Electronics and Communication from Aditya College of Engineering and Technology.  His main ability and strength is to easily cope up with other members easily and adapts to any situation with ease. He has some exceptional leadership qualities which differentiates him from others. He mostly believes that unity is strength and a good team can make  anything possible.

His main motto is always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.Humility is no substitute for a good personality. He is open to all the opinions and considers the important ones which help him in his growth. He is very passionate about dance and singing.He sings well and planning to form a rock band and making his baby steps towards it.He also particiated as the main coordinator for the fests and events conducted in the college and had been a part of the success of the events . Though he is an average student at school level he managed very well and strived hard to make him recognizable in the college through his work. 

"Be the strongest version of you " is his chief belief.


Team Members: La Selene Dommu,Mayukhi Choudhary, Pranavi Jampana, Sandeep Addala

Design Thinking: Interview, Synthesis, and Ideas

Landscape Canvas:ACET Google Spreadsheet

Campus Overview: ACET Wiki Page

Strategic Priorities: Student Priority Wiki Page

Change Model Canvas:Google Doc

Storytelling: Change Story Video

Stake Holder Meeting: Report, Artifacts

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