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Sanarea Ali is a University Innovation Fellow who is a senior engineering student at James Madison University (JMU). Sanarea is very passionate about designing and developing medical devices to help people around the world. She has studied the human centered design process as a main focus for design and has applied her skills to different projects such as the Immunostaning Well Plate Capstone project, Human- Powered Vehicle project, and the Individualized Musical Instrument project, etc. Sanarea has been an active member of the Centennial Scholars Program at JMU for over four years. While in the Centennial Scholar's Program, she has lead and participated in community service activities for over 400 hours. As her curiosity never stops, she was able to join an undergraduate research team to create a system using Wearable Computers for Physical Rehabilitation that would help patients and medical professionals give and receive feedback. As far as her hobbies go, Sanarea loves to draw professional portraits as well as paint and exercise.