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Romina Dominzain is a young leader from Uruguay working to turn university students into agents of change. She is serving UIF as a Fellow since Fall 2017, she was a a FAB at Silicon Valley Meetup March 2018 and is now a Faculty Champion of the Leadership Circle conformed by 4 great students at Universidad de Montevideo.

She now works at Initium: the Center of Leaders and Entrepreneurs at Universidad de Montevideo where she is planning and leading new ways to empower students to be leading, creative and innovative professionals. She is also a Professor of Creativity & Innovation since 2018. She has experience with Design Thinkign, team and project management. 

As a Fellow she coordinated a team of more than 40 students to organize LOOP: Innovation Week. She has also organized and designed several events and initiatives to spread and innovative and entrepreneurial mindset among campus and beyond.


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