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Rodrigo is an engineering student of Universidad de Montevideo. He is 21 years old and currently lives in Soca, a small town that is 60 km away from Uruguay´s capital, Montevideo, where he now studies.

From a young age, he has been a lover of the unknown, he has always been passionate about “fixing” everything he finds. From chairs to bicycles, he is always ready to fix anything he encounters. This is probably why he decided he wanted to become an engineer.  He considers himself a proactive person ever since he was at school that is why he took part in every single event and opportunity available, such as the school´s choir, dancing and acting clubs, reading in front of public or being the leader at his school´s orchard.

Regarding his passions, he deeply loves sports, they are an important part in his life. His likes go from basketball to swimming, but he is especially fond of soccer.
Rodrigo has been professionally playing soccer since he was 3 years and played in a professional Uruguayan team until the age of 19. There he learned about self-sacrifice, teamwork, leadership and honesty, essential values that will be inside of him forever.

At the age of 19, Rodrigo started his university degree and his life turned 180 degrees, everything football gave him, he could now bring to his daily life. He stays almost his whole day at university which is the reason he became the delegate of his generation and knows even more his teammates´ problems and acts as the bridge between students and authorities. Another responsibility he has at his school is to welcome first year students creating a bond with them from day one. That way, he can help, tutor and support them from the beginning.

When he realized how important is to learn new languages, and how not having access to these tools could cause an inequality problem, he committed himself to break the wall that exists and divides children from different socioeconomic classes. He wishes to inspire people the way he has been inspired by his incredible family and friends.

Rodrigo takes every opportunity he has to grow, create and empower himself in every aspect of his life. He does this because he truly believes that you can achieve great things if you set your mind into it, by stepping out of the comfort zone and working hard.

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