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Rodrigo López is a University Innovation Fellow from the 2019 Fall Cohort.
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He is a Telematics Engineer graduated from Universidad de Montevideo, specialized in Computer Science and Big Data. He is also a teacher at the university, where he has lectured Programming 1, 2, Analytic Programming and Introduction to Robotics courses.
He was always passionate about wanting to know how everything worked: from an expender machine to large computer systems or economic systems, so naturally he was closer over time with these topics and the major. In order to attend college, he had to move to the capital, as he originally lived in Maldonado, another city in the south of the country.
He considers one of his best traits is the ability of understanding people. He thinks following the lines of thought from others is really interesting and often has great ideas as a result! He is very passionate about education, and wants to make a difference at his campus, one step at a time. It was precisely following this dream that he came across the UIF initiative and immediately wanted to get involved!

Since then, he has taken part in events such as LOOP: the innovation week, an international meetup hosted at his university. He was responsible for logistics and relations with international students. He always believed that everyone could make a change no matter if the belonged to a specific group such as UIF or not if they tried hard enough.

Currently, he is learning about AI and started a blog to show its uses in education, and the ethical concerns that implies. He really believes in the potential of the program, so he has become a Faculty Champion and always tries to be as much involved as he can to help students in reaching their potential too!

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