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Reginald Burroughs is currently a Junior at Virginia State University, Located in Petersburg, Virginia. He is pursuing a degree in Manufacturing Engineering and  aspires to become a significant impact not only for his institution but Universities across the globe. As a student, he is obligated to generate innovative solutions to problems that present themselves. With the capabilities to apply newly innovative solutions, it allows himself not only the ability solve academic problems but real life problems that people face every day. With very creative ideas and a strong passion for change, innovation is a fundamental way to develop change in a revolutionary way. Throughout the course of his career and beyond he has been forced to evaluate problems, identify solutions and take charge in analytically applying solutions to difficult task at hand. Reginald continues to pursue change as he balance academics and extracurricular activities.  For a project, Reginald has organized a team to participate in developing a Racecar. As a Project Manager, he organizes meetings, keeps the participants updated and on task. Reginald is an active member of his University’s ATMAE (Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering), NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers). He is also currently ongoing training to become a University Innovation Fellow (UIF) and looks forward to being a catalyst for change and working closely with University administration, faculty members and students to advance innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity at Virginia State University beginning with a makerspace. 

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