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Raga Mouni Batchu is currently studying 3rd year of Information Technology in Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India. She is Google's Developer Student Clubs (DSC) Lead and working for Google's Mission in training 2 million Indian students in mobile app development and web development arenas. As a part of this, she is connecting with the local business entrepreneurs and helping them in fulfilling their needs using web applications and mobile apps. 
She is also in Women In Software Engineering(WISE) program which is a four years training to improve technical skills. She is a workaholic and a bibliographer. She is a student of Mission R&D which was initiated by Srini Koppolu, Founder, and Chairman at Veooz Labs and Perraju Bendapudi, Vice President of Engineering at Adobe. Mission R&D is completely a self-learning programme which showcases her self-learning skills. She has participated in many events like PowerPoint Presentation, Poster Presentation, Just A Minute, Group Discussions, Debates and stood in first or second place. She is passionate about coding and received many prizes in coding competitions in and outside of the college. She is a good team leader and can perfectly deal with procrastinators at work. Right from her first year of college, she has hosted many events that had happened in the college along with Sai_Renuka_Pericharla
 which involves a lot of spontaneity.

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