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Purity B. Gumede
School (Cohort)
Johnson C. Smith University (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Computer Science/Information Systems


Purity is a Sophomore at Johnson C. Smith University ('2025). She is majoring in Computer Science and Information Systems with a minor in Data Science. She is an international student from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Her journey as an international student has been very eventful and quite adventurous. She has embraced all the experiences that come with being in a completely different environment. She hopes to become a Data Analyst after graduation, given her love for working and dealing with data. Purity has other plans for her life, including entrepreneurship as she plans on starting many businesses, including establishing her baking business which is already in existence.

Purity believes in giving back to the community! She is very passionate about school pride and opening up opportunities for other students on her campus. UIF was a great fit for her because she was looking to learn about how she can help improve her campus. Purity loves nature and enjoys spending her free time in the midst of nature as well as watching beautiful views. She is a very warm and welcoming person. You can feel free to contact Purity to hear more about an international student's journey in the US, baking, or school experiences in general.


Google Data Analytics Certificate

Social media profiles

Instagram @pue_peller LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/purity-gumede-7b007a21b/

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