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Pranavi Jampana  is studying her under graduation in Aditya Engineering College and she's from India. She has good interest in coding and her major is Information Technology. Her zeal towards any task is at her best and would complete the task in a full fledged way. She is also sincere to an extent that she never misses out any given assignment. Her curiosity helps her to explore herself. As we all know knowing oneself gives immense delight.

Her goal is to bring in practical knowledge into the education system especially in her college. She feels that the students are being spoon feed with all the resources which doesn't give them exposure to the outside world. This also would deprive them from getting higher positions in their organisations. Though the government of the nation tries providing many funds, when it reaches the student, it undergoes a lot of corruption phases and the student will not get  complete benefits. 

So, there corruption should also decrease in the nation i.e., in the minds of young chaps who are studying and should have a practical curriculum to get best  results and her aim is to establish this change in the prevailing customs followed.
Team Members:La Selene Dommu,Mayukhi Choudhary,Pranavi Jampana,Sandeep Addala
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