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Poppy Crawshaw is a University Innovation Fellow and a currently studying Industrial Design at James Madison University. Poppy was born in Canada but grew up in Poquoson, Virginia where her family lives today. Poppy began her time at James Madison as an undeclared major and quickly chose business as her career path. She was dissatisfied with business because the lack of creativity in her courses and around her. After visiting “The Studio” at JMU, where all Industrial Design classes take place, she knew she had to transfer majors. Poppy enjoys prototyping and 3D modeling and the atmosphere that comes with the studio. From a child, she always loved crafting and making therefore every day she takes time to be grateful she studies industrial design.

Poppy’s inspiration for her projects is fueled by nature, laughter, and color. She collects this inspiration through many of her hobbies including playing folk music and writing comedy. She tries to make each of her projects in some way responsible. This responsibility comes with every designer and Poppy believes many designers do not consider the impact they can have on the world with their irresponsible ideas. Poppy has hopes that one day she will make a positive impact on the world or how humans interact with it.

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