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Phanikumar.sala is from a place called Pragadavaram(Andhrapradesh,India).
Mom dad and he are their family;he completed his school education at their home town and now moved to Bhimavaram(India) for his higher studies;he is currently persuing his 3rd year bachelors in electrical and electronics engineering at SRKR engineering college.
He is  a happy individual,interested in meeting new people ,travelling to new places,exploring new technologies.These interests made a great impact on his personal life;an incident that happend while he was travelling to a new place changed his perspective of life,a  workshop which he had attended brought immense intrest towards his technical career.

Friends and family are his strenghts,he like playing badminton and cricket but he real love  Bikes which are his greatest refreshment;he foodie either ,biryani and potato fry are his favourite recepies.

He believes that our wonderful life gets its exact flavour when we do something for human society ,which is the final aim of any education ,any skill.He feel very bad when he see people in our society working and struggling  to make our lives more comfortable by working in an uncomfortable careers!.He aim at changing this by transforming his peers thinking and he says that,'let everyone be given their right to follow their passion which when permitted, makes our advancement in technology curve more exponential higher .

 HIS dream is to establish  a company and become one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the world; currently he is on the way of gaining  skills to pursue his goal.he says that
'Hope you will read me as I dreamed in the nearest future'.

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