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Pham Thuy Duong
School (Cohort)
Lingnan University (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Visual Arts Studies


Thuy Duong, a thinker, rebel, daydreamer and self- proclaimed introvert, is a undergraduate student majoring in Visual Arts Studies in Lingnan University.

Duong came from a humble background, being born in a small industrial town in the central of Vietnam. Ever since growing up, she had the wanderlust dream of traveling the world, exploring the world and exploring different possibilities of life perspectives that could not be found should she stayed in her comfort zone. Unbeknownst, this persistent childhood dream has shaped who she is nowadays. The opportunity to study liberal arts abroad in Hong Kong really adds up to her realizing her dream.

Thuy Duong is deeply curious about a lot of things in general, but especially when it comes to culture and arts. She spent a lot of her early twenties working for and supporting creatives to realize the financial potential of their arts and crafts and to find potential clients for young creatives in the area of advertising and communication. She is also supporting non-profit project to preserve the traditional musical and performance arts in Vietnam. If you are interested in Vietnamese culture and history, you know where to find her.

She is a wanderlust type. Her dream is to travel the world, however way she can, because learning about other life experiences, different perspectives and different approaches to life is indescribably inspiring to her.

Outside of work and study, you find her curl up in a sofa enjoying a book, or a documentary with her favorite cup of coffee.


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