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Nur Holifah
School (Cohort)
Universitas Terbuka (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Agricultural Business


Nur Holifah is my name and you could address me as Nur, as a student and tutor for life I have accomplished big steps in my life meaning that I'm ready for any challenges. I work in English course as my part-time job while striving my dream occupation as an agriculture extension by studying in University not only that I enjoy baking and trying Tiktok new food trend as my favorite pastime.I see all the opportunities as my time to improve myself in doing good deeds for society as well as my skill ,  that's the reason to live my double life. Sharing my knowledge with those who want to learn is my way to be beneficial for others. From this action, I will always be a learner and keep improving my skill I give this credit to my father that helps me a lot in the process of growing. I'm interested in new experiences and making a new connections with fellas to outstretch the movement to navigate agents of change for our future. If we have something in common, let's talk about that. UIF has a program that she has been seeking for so long to conduct her passion in changes for the future.


The best speaker in weekly meeting for CTC and TC program of English school in 2018

Managing online learning due to pandemic for students who have obstacles in providing devices

Managing daily schedule and English program for more than hundreds of students in English course

Succes team of local farmer movement which is well known as " Pupuk Dari Dapur " in 2019

Social media profiles

Instagram : [ https://www.instagram.com/switcup.10/ ] LinkedIn : [ https://www.linkedin.com/in/nur-holifah-81b911206/ ]


School's campus page: https://www.ut.ac.id/en

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