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Fabrianne Albertina Handoko.jpg
Fabrianne Albertina Handoko
School (Cohort)
Universitas Terbuka (2021)
Majoring in
Communication Science


Fabrianne is a Trilingual who able to speak in English, Indonesia and Portuguese. She is a pharmacist technician and a web designer who currently pursuing her degree in Communication Science in Universitas Terbuka (Indonesia Open University). She is an active student who joined several organizations and created innovations in wherever she lives. Fabs or Fabri is how people usually called her, has been lived in three countries alone by herself and made many impacts on her society.

After graduated from high school, she became a nomad who lived in many cities in Indonesia to explore how beautiful the diversity is and she found a lot of education problem in her country that urgently need to fix. In additional of that, she really passionate to make a better life by motivate people how important education is, about how education can change someone's life. She created some social projects as well such as teach Indonesian language to foreigners and mostly for refugee who life in her neighborhood. She also tough English for kids around her home.

Besides of her desire to create a better education, she also an active students who achieve some scholarships and being ambassadors in some organizations. Fabrianne really loves to speak up and fight for what she believes even if it means she will stand alone. She hopes can help to change someone's life by help them in education .


2021: Team Leader University Innovation Fellows from Universitas Terbuka.

January 2021 - January 2022: Youth Break the Boundaries Ambassador.

August 2021: Internship Content Planner at Asia Youth Summit 2021.

July 2021: Speaker at International Webinar with Indonesian Millenial Friends and Arraj Community.

March 2021 : Best Ambassador Youth Break the Boundaries.

November 2020 - November 2021: Felari - Overseas Indonesian Students' Association Alliance Ambassador

January 2021 : Speaker at Asia Youth Summit program Mentoring.

December 2020: Speaker at Istanbul Youth Summit program Mentoring "How to get Sponsorship".

November 2020: Speaker at UT Jogja "How to Maintaining Study Life Balance in Digital Era".

October 2020: IYDE Summit Ambassador.

October 2020: Delegate in Bali Democracy Student Conference IV.

August 2020: Best Delegate in Talking Titans at International Level.

January 2020: Delegate in Istanbul Youth Summit.

October 2019: Excellent Student from Universitas Terbuka Batam.

August 2019: Runner Up Ambassador of Universitas Terbuka.

August 2019: Local Ambassador of Universtias Terbuka Batam.

2008 - 2012 : Central Java Province Basketball athlete.

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