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Nolan is a University Innovation Fellow, and current Sophomore at James Madison University. He is pursuing a B.S. in Integrated Science and Technology
with a concentration in Manufacturing and Production Systems. Nolan also has a second major in Studio Art with a concentration in Fibers and Metals with a minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies. His interests lie in the intersections of humanities, fine arts, and STEM. At JMU, Nolan is an active participant in the Science, Technology, and Society Futures Lab which researches the social impacts of technologies and hosts collaborative engagements for experts to consider the ethical implications of their research. Nolan’s interest in manufacturing stems from a love of creating. He has a specific interest in additive manufacturing and robotics, as well as how these technologies can increase the capabilities of human production. After his undergraduate education, Nolan hopes to continue towards his M.S. and subsequent Ph.D. in Engineering and Design disciplines. At JMU, Nolan is a member of the Student Radio Club, Video Game Club, and Outdoor Adventure Club. Check out the STS Futures Lab: https://sites.lib.jmu.edu/stsfutureslab/ !

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