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Ch.S.Navya sri is a University Innovation Fellow, under graduate pursuing Bachelor of technology in the stream of computer science  in Kakinada institute of engineering and technology,kakinada,Andhrapradesh,India

.She has completed her higher education from VVRS(Vignana Vihara residential school
) popularly known as GUDILOVA.She always gives active participation in coding 

competions,Hackathons, etc conducted in the college and other Organisations.Enthusiastic intaking responsibilities and always show her interest ongoing through and experimenting on innovative methods rather than traditional methods.She is a member of CSI(computer society of India) and student Co-ordinator of  Drama &communication clubs in the department of computer science.She is also a member of Toastmasterscore team in KIET college.She took membership in ConvegeConference where innovative ideas are presented.Her interest always lies in gaining knowledge and sharing.She always wanted her peers to be empowered and enlightened abouttheir core values as she believes "Each one is unique ."She takes the every oppurtunity out of innovation fellowship program 2018 and helps her community people to innovate and disrupt the present technology.She has a special interest in reading and writing fictious stories and poems.Her works are presented in few story writing websites like Launchora,which is her initiation to publish her works.[[Category: Student_Contributors]]

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