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Muhammad Shiddiq Profile Picture in Square Aspect Ratio
Muhammad Shiddiq
School (Cohort)
Padjadjaran University (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Digital Business


Named by Stanford University as University Innovation Fellows on 3 November 2021, Muhammad Shiddiq is a tech & business industry enthusiast with Bachelor's Degree in Digital Business. With experience in Wealth Management Program at PT Bank Central Asia Tbk, UI/UX Designer at Telkom Indonesia Tbk., and Research Assistant at Center for Digital Innovation Studies (DIGITS), an institution under the Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University.

Spending most of his early life at Sulawesi Island and getting a chance moving out to Java Island to pursue Bachelor Degree, he always seek opportunity that can expand his views on things he find interesting. While pursuing Bachelor Degree in Digital Business, he also found enjoyment in teaching others. In 2020, the Head of Digital Business Study Program (Sunu Widianto, S.E.,M.Sc, Ph.D) trusted him to teach Management Major students 1 year above him in Human Resource Analytics.

Some of his projects are Knowledge Repository redesign, FAVI (Financial Assistant for Visually Impaired), mapping out road infrastructure development at Subang, and contributing as a content writer for DIGITS INSIGHT magazine.


  • Bronze Medalist in Computer Branch of 2013 Indonesian Science Project Olympiad (Issuer: PASIAD Indonesia)
  • Finalist In Computer Branch of 2014 Indonesian Science Project Olympiad (Issuer: PASIAD Indonesia)
  • 1st Position in Central Sulawesi History Photography Contest - 2017 (Issuer: Central Sulawesi Department of Tourism and Culture)
  • 1st Position in 2019 Essay Competition (Issuer: UNPAD - BUMN Center of Excellence)
  • Finalist in IDEATION 2020 (Issuer: Bank OCBC NISP)
  • Bangkit Academy 2021 Graduate (Mobile Development Path)
  • Skilvul: UI/UX Challenge (Completion with Honor)
  • Certified Marketing Representative of Securities Broker-Dealer (Issuer: The Indonesian Capital Market Professional Certification Institution)