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This page contain four projects fellows have identified and refined by prototyping. That not only include the project name, but also the key tactics required to bring this project to life.

Project #1 Centralizing UNPAD Innovation & Entrepreneurship Resources

Currently, UNPAD already has several resources that dedicated their existence to support innovation & entrepreneurship, with the famous examples are “Hibah Inovasi Pre-StartUp Mahasiswa Unpad” (Unpad Student Pre-StartUp Innovation Grant) Program and Oorange Institutions. Every year, there are new resources around innovation & entrepreneurship being launched by UNPAD or its students, but these resources are often scattered and fail to get recognized by most of the students.

Objectives: Ensure the students have easy access to all Innovation & Entrepreneurship resources around the campus.

Key Results:

  • Gather information of all resources and programs around the campus that build innovation & entrepreneurship environment
  • Launch a platform that gathers innovation & entrepreneurship resources and programs around the campus.

Project #2 Building Student Community Around Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Creating a long-lasting impact on the world is the main goal in every spirited student's mind. However, many students lack the information, resources, and skills to kickstart and develop their ideas. Currently, our university has a vast resource for I&E but it lacks the grassroots initiative from students to really make innovative impacts.

Objectives: Create a student community for students interested in I&E so that they can network, learn and collaborate on ideas.

Key Results:

  • Gather a minimum of 50 students for the first round of recruitment
  • Hold 3 events covering I&E topics
  • Help launch 3 SMEs or startups by students in the community

Project #3 Help Students enter the Small Business environment to build their entrepreneurial skills.

There’s a lot of small businesses that are owned or developed by Unpad students or alumni. Work in a small business could help students that are new in the business environment to get more experiences to build their business skills. We can connect this through Social Media platforms. However, many students don’t know how to build entrepreneurial ideas and develop real-business with many various cases. It will also give an impact for the business owner to learn how to manage their resources (people managerial skill).

Objectives: Connect the business owners that need more resources to help their business needs with students that need an entrepreneur experience.

Key Results:

  • Matching 50 students to the small businesses.
  • Reach out to 10 SMEs to be the recruiters.
  • Have 1000 profile visits on the SocMed platforms.

Project #4 Facilitating the Student Community on Innovation & Entrepreneurship to collaborate with University Institutions

With one of the missions of Universitas Padjadjaran is increasing relevance and innovation of education, research and community service. Unpad has many institutions and programs themed innovation and entrepreneurs that are running such as Oorange Unpad and The Local Enablers, this can be used to help the academic community in implementing an idea or developing a business that is already running. We are trying to create some programs for the academic community.


  • Create a Hackathon for academics in developing and implementing business ideas
  • Promote existing institution programs to the I&E Students Community

Key Results:

  • Working with institutions to create Hackathon
  • Help promote at least 1 program for each institution
  • Get 15 teams of participants to take part in the hackathon